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LEAN MANUFACTURING is the Universal version of the
Toyota Production System.
International Experts and Practitioners are free to contribute to
this website to Promote the Lean Strategies, Disciplines, and
Tools so they are Accessible and Easily Utilized by Everyone

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Welcome to the Articles of Lean Expertise.com
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This website is devoted to provide Accessible, Truthful, Reliable, and Current information about Lean Manufacturing, Lean Management, and Lean Performance Best Practices.

After more than 30 years helping hundreds of Companies and Non-Profit organizations become more efficient we are here to help in any way you may find it convenient for you.

We are NOT The Only Site to find Free Information and Guaranteed Lean Implementation Services, but are for sure among The Best In The World.

Providing you with Current Information on the
Lean Manufacturing System:

With no fewer than 3 yearly updates in Conferences, Summits, and Symposiums where we meet with all the top performers in Lean Manufacturing Strategies, we are always ready to provide you with the freshest views and modalities of the ever evolving technologies that apply to Process Improvements in your business.

Down to Earth:

Our personal experience as entrepreneurs has helped shape up our serving style. We will not come to your organization to “Sell you” on an overwhelming Strategic Plan that you do not need. We do not bring in “Black Magic” and “Esoteric” Technology or Science. We respect your time and Understand your needs, so our plan is to always come, do a clear Process Assessment to discover your real needs and execute the most sensible Improvements in your process which will represent the most practical and profitable use of your money, time, and effort.

Total Dedication and Partnership!

Some of the characteristics that
we have kept from the beginning

*      Simple language and methods that Everyone Understands and Enjoys

*      Minimal Theory – Maximum Practical Measurable Results 

*      Minimal permanence of the Consultant in your site

*      Minimal Cost and self-sustainability of any projects that we develop for you

*      ROI-Return on Investment assurance (See our Money Back Guarantee)

*      Practical approach to implement with Your Team’s participation

*      Optimal motivational model to assure that Your Teams improvements not only stay in place, but keep developing all the time

Our projects apply any or all the diverse tools of the Lean Manufacturing System focusing on the real needs and requirements of each customer. No useless efforts!

We don’t want you to pay for our services! 

That is why we make sure that
our Services Pay You Back!

Free Assessments: 

After our first approach, we can make arrangements to assess the current state of your operation. This is usually at no cost for customers in America, or very low cost Overseas.

Our Thorough Report will be a great tool for
Your D
ecision Making Process, even if you decide
Not to Hire Our Professional Services.


We look forward to discovering the opportunities that for sure exist in your facility. Our Agenda is usually booked up to three months in advance, so we would appreciate that you let us know of your interest. This way we will make sure we schedule your service in a timely manner.

From Early Lean Assessment
to Full Lean Certification

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