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  How to Face the Challenges of Slow Business?

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The World Economy is Under Siege!

Recesion is an understatement. One expert in the subject explained this in a few words. It can be called Recesion or Depresion, it depends in which position you may be.

If it is something that causes your income to get a downgrade you may call it Recesion, but if you lose your home or your car or both, you are entitled to call it Depresion.

A friend of mine (Dwayne Butcher), has shared some valuable advice about how to face these difficult times that I feel is quite timely, so here it goes with my best wishes of course, for a sustained survival of whatever your business may be.

Job Instruction (JI)
• Goal: Teach supervisors (Leaders if you are more advanced) how to quickly train employees (Associates if you are more advanced) to do a job correctly, safely, and conscientiously.
• Results: A well-trained workforce means less scrap, rework, and rejects; fewer accidents; less tool and equipment damage.

Job Methods (JM)
• Goal: Teaches supervisors(Leaders if you are more advanced) how to improve the way jobs are done.
• Results: Produce greater quantities of quality products in less time by making the best use of the manpower, machines, and materials now available.

Job Relations (JR)
• Goal: Teach supervisors (Leaders if you are more advanced) how to build positive employee (Associates if you are more advanced) relations, increase cooperation and motivation, and effectively resolve conflicts.
• Results: JR helps prevent problems from arising by providing a foundation for developing and maintaining good relations.

I would add something Critical that the American companies traditionally underestimate:

Job Standardization (JS)
The Toyota Production System has been very hard for the rest of the World to follow in some of its pickiest aspects and this may be one of them.

Job Standardization is something that we rarely follow in detail and one of the most recent works of my favorite authors: Liker and Meier handles to perfection: Toyota Talent explains how we need to see each of our operations in a "Step by Step" micro-observation mode so that we really can catch those minimal details like Work duplication, unneeded Overprocessing, Mistaken sequence of operations, awkward positions, poor ergonomics, inappropriate tols, difficult to reach supplies, etcétera.

Time for a Change...

If we know this needs to be done, probably these times of struggle can help us get started. The benefits of Standardized Work are countless: training and cross-training people becomes easier, poor operations are caught and corrected, everyone develops more skills and feels their ownership on each area of responsibility.

The process is quite simple...

Just take a video of any workstation in your process, then have the associates in that operation explain in detail each of the components or sub-components of the process being observed. Have them help you find opportunities for simplification and improvement. You will be surprised at how many small opportunities for improvement have been hiding for years.

Don't hesitate to have us take a look...

Indeed , we can observe any of your processes and AT NO COST to you, help you and your teams find the solutions. The payback of doing these observations is truly Amazing.

Don't waste one more day... Contact us Now! we will be happy to schedule a brief session with No Strings Attached.



If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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