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  DMAIC applied for The Solutions to Cost Reduction

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How to Produce More - Better - Faster - at Lower Cost

Cost Reduction is today’s key element to preserve business, however it represents some important decisions to make and actions to take. Many people will rather ignore the problem until it is too late.

The Leaders though will immediately react positively: Defining, Measuring, Analyzing, Improving, and Controlling the situation.

The classic all too familiar DMAIC process contributed by 6 Sigma and successfully implemented by Jack Welch at GE, that we have learned and can apply virtually in all the Improvement Strategies.

In order to Reduce Cost of operations it is important to follow that procedure or our energy may not be focused on the most important factors that can be corrected and improved. Probably we all can remember when we took some action putting a lot of effort just to discover that we did not go after the Root Cause of a problem. A good way of reducing cost is always to avoid misuse of our resources so let us make sure we address the real problem and work at it. Some companies though, are trying to reduce cost by letting go of their most valuable people. Problem: if by chance the business picks up again, they will not have the human power to keep up with the demand and will have to spend money training new people.
One very typical way of reducing cost has historically been to deliver less product (like the food industry does many times reducing the size of their products), or compromise quality, like many cases we may have in our memory but prefer not to remember.

The Real Solution to Cost Reduction by DMAIC...

Defining, Measuring, Analyzing, Improving, and Controlling

This is the best alternative is to improve our efficiency and effectiveness. Whatever you are producing, you can be sure: it can be done better. For the last 20+ years that is exactly what I have been doing for my customers. Some of the current operations may require that you disect them into small operations in order to analyze which of those parts in the process are not being done in the BEST way possible.


Now, Focus on One Thing you and your team believe is causing waste of Resources.


Relate that One Thing to the $ value it is wasting.


Along with the people who are close to the process, the actions that could be taken and the results that could be expected from those Improvement actions.


Put the measures, improvements, and countermeasures in place.


Review if the Improvements are working. Find appropriate, simple, and easy methods to measure their effectiveness and results...

You can repeat this as many times as you want,but always focus on...

One Improvement At A Time...

DMAIC! The best approach:

  • It is the Easiest alternative to reduce cost.

  • By doing this, we may also be able to increase the volume of product we can send out the door, and bring the price down while keeping the same or better profit… this is particularly feasible in manufacturing.

  • Not few companies have been able to beat their competitors this way. That is how G.E., Walmart, Safeway, Mission, Heinz, Pepsico, Toyota, Honda, Boeing, Hyundai-KIA, and many other exemplary businesses of all sizes and industries have done it and very possibly you can too.

This third option is the smartest of all and we need to work hard at it. One first step would be to analyze the process and dissect all the components of each step. Cutting cost will come from observing and listening to the people who perform those operations.

We at MORA International Consulting are Ready for the Challenge. We can help as we have hundreds of companies in Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing environments.

Send us an Email, we will give you valuable information even if you do not hire our services.




If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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