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Six Sigma Basics

What is Six Sigma?

What are CTQs?

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The CTQ's...

What are the CTQ's?

For many years we have heard 

"The Customer is Always Right."

Unfortunately for many companies that is nothing else than a "slogan", but they really do not have the culture to bring this concept to a True Statement.

We all know that. Especially when we are affected by a bad product or service we are not always treated with due respect or courtesy. Customer treatment is very important if we really want to go into Lean-Six-Sigma mode. We need to address the customers' comments and expectations and really establish a close communication with them.

It is the Final Customer or User who... 

  • Pays for our product or service
  • Says if our product or service complies with his/her expectations and needs
  • Recommend some other customers when they are satisfied
  • Talk to as many people as they can if they are Not Satisfied
  • Can build our Success or Failure

Therefore, the customers must be Listened to, so we can really learn:

  • What they need and expect
  • When and where they need it
  • How they need to use it and how it should perform under such conditions and...
  • Why they are buying it?

All these pieces of information will comprise the: 

CTQ's or

Critical To Quality items.

What we have to do after knowing that, is quite simple:

  • Analyze if our current product/service can fulfill the customers' expectations and needs or develop one that will

  • Verify if we are capable of delivering timely

  • Check if the features of our product/service stand the conditions the customer will submit them to

  • Make sure the customer will be happy and satisfied for having bought our product.

Three steps to achieve this Compliance with the Customers' CTQ's 

1) In order to increase and improve our CTQ's data base you need to establish a good communication with past and prospective customers and attentively listen to their input.

2) Make a compendium of the most relevant CTQ's and if possible make combinations and consolidate them

After this analysis and compendium, share the information with the whole organization (meaning your people at all levels), encourage them to help you...

3) Determine if you are capable of getting your product/service to comply with them or if you can develop the product/service that will

Talk back to the customers and make sure they know you are working on the necessary improvements, or if you have already improved the issues of their concerns.

Encourage more input.

The bad news is you will find out the customer will keep demanding more all the time...

The Good News is: you are better equipped each day to keep up with such demands. 

This is bringing your company in the right direction: Lean-Six-Sigma.



If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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