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Let us start with a few definitions: says:

the practice or art of using language with fluency and aptness.”

Wikipedia says:

Eloquence (from Latin eloquentia) is fluent, forcible, elegant or persuasive speaking in public. It is primarily the power of expressing strong emotions in striking and appropriate language, thereby producing conviction or persuasion. The term is also used for writing in a fluent style.”

Webster's definition is:

discourse marked by force and persuasiveness; also : the art or power of using such discourse discourse marked by force and persuasiveness; also : the art or power of using such discourse”

As usual, I recommend “the shorter and simpler, the better.”

It is proven that most of our daily activity, (some experts put this above 85%), is in some way related to communication. In order to achieve our goals and purposes we need to communicate. Obviously, the more skilled we are at it, the better the results.

Managers know this very well: Succeeding in whatever endeavour from the simple conversation to the highest importance deals is always strongly connected with our ability to communicate adequately and effectively.

But Who has the time...?

As I talk with most executives this is a burning question. They all are very busy and won't find the time to exercise the eloquence they would need to be more effective.

We at Management Through Leadesship are aware of this important need and have developed a series of articles and brief lessons which will take you through the process that will represent a great advantage in your daily tasks.

As in any Problem Resolution Process, the first step is Awareness!

  • Do you find yourself ill prepared sometimes when you need to communicate something to some other people?

  • Have you wished you were more eloquent when you are facing important interactions with your team members, customers, associates, and other people?

  • Do you feel your speech does not deliver the impact you wish it would?

  • Do you dread public speaking requirements?

By answering “yes” to any of these questions, you will probably recognize that it would be a good idea to do something about your eloquence skills...

In the past eloquence has been “reserved” to a few professionals: Religious and Political leaders, lawyers, sales people, professors, media anchors, newscasters, etc. Actually eloquence is very much associated to success in every activity, and the great news is: you definitely can start acquiring this valuable skill in just a few weeks!

We will provide you with a few tools and some advice, the rest will be your self commitment to this purpose...

If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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