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Choose To Be Healthy! 

Most disarrays or diseases are caused by unstable conditions: some of them originate out of our control, but I have discovered that for the most part we have the power to avoid their undesirable consequences. 

Let us take the weather as an example:  

It will change unexpectedly, and most people waste their energy choosing to get upset by it. We all do have the power over our way to react to any circumstance. 

It is all about Choice! 

For me, it has always been quite favorable to always choose enjoyment. Indeed, I enjoy heat or cold, I love rain, wind, or snow; and hail brings me wonderful memories from my childhood when I had never seen snow.  

It is easy to enjoy the weather changes if we think of all the benefits that we derive from them.

Some other choices that have proven to be good  for me: 

§  Avoid confrontation 

§  Smile to everyone and at every moment  

§  Share your good humor 

§  Find a way to understand people. 

I know that sometimes it is hard to take these choices, especially at the beginning; but it is much worse to not take them. 

Here are some pieces of advice that I have received and have definitely worked for me and for anyone who may adopt them: 

§  When you face a difficult person, someone who seems to be against the World… stop, think, and start treating that person exactly as you would treat the kindest person that you have ever met. Most of the time you will be gladly surprised by how you helped switch their attitude for the best. 

§  Always show your best smile; do it every time you approach someone. Even if it is the police officer that just pulled you out. It is impressive how contagious your smile can be and how it can improve the humor status, and the reactions of others. 

§  Greet people. Sometimes they will not greet you back, that is not your problem but theirs. You will keep the satisfaction of having granted them the opportunity. 

Being consistent in these choices has given me outstanding results and I have no doubt it has helped my outstanding level of health for my age. 

It is worth trying!