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Where Are You Going?

Beware of
Tolerance and Conformity!

Not only Chose your Direction to the Next Port; but Row Hard… 

Sometimes we become attached to a comfort zone and do not realize that in order to move ahead we must embrace change as the only way to do it. You can not Lead from your Comfort Zone! Yes, change is not always nice and easy to experience, but as they say (attributed to Einstein and others)… 

“Insanity is to expect better results and keep doing the same actions” 

The actions that most clearly prevent us from those better results are intimately linked to tolerance and conformity.  We tend to be extremely tolerant and conformed to our own current status, so if our desire is to improve that status, we must gradually detach from these two barriers. 

How to break up with Tolerance? 

We can only do it by being less tolerant with ourselves all the time. Analyze what aspects of your behavior can start changing for good and for the good. One that I have found to be very common is unpunctuality. It is not until you literally learn to feel pain when you are not on time for something, that you will achieve the good habit of always being on time to any appointment or commitment. That small improvement by itself will set you apart from the crowd. As a direct reward, punctual people earn the respect from others. 

As you go removing your own “tolerance,” people around you will either do the same or detach from your circle, in both cases you will see immediate improvement in your social group and in your own performance. 

How to break up with Conformity? 

Just look around and find challenges to grow up. Discover other qualities of life that you think you deserve or would want to achieve, and be ready to do whatever it takes.