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Your Self-Esteem is at stake and
It is at the Core of your Happiness  

What is the opinion of the rest of the people about us? Basically we need to stop worrying much about what others may think of us, our ideas, our performance, and our initiatives. Remember that up to 90+% of the people navigates in the Mediocrity Ocean. Many of our actions, decisions, and opinions will always be criticized by others. Most of those critics have no knowledge, idea or experience to provide us with a valuable or useful opinion. Of course it is always good to listen to others, although no abidance to their ideas is mandatory or recommendable. Mediocrity is vulnerable to other people’s opinion; and if you can get discouraged by others, you still are a work in progress. 

The Self-Esteem of the Mediocre… 

Mediocre people invest most of their resources and efforts trying to outdo others. Each time they can increase in the size of their vehicles, homes, and properties, feeds their ego. They are the main sustainers of the Culture of Consumerism. Their happiness is always focused on having, showing, appearing, or being the same or more than others. 

Your Self-Esteem needs to have a different Focus… 

The people who focus on Excellence do not really care for the sensation of being more or better than others. They are already beyond that stage. Excellent people only think of ways to better themselves, to perform at a higher standard all the time. To continuously look for opportunities to learn more about the matters that they have chosen as important. To grow and compare with what they, (themselves, not others), were yesterday. That is the image of an authentic leader. 

Watch out! There is a fine-line between Self Esteem and Arrogance.  

Our Ego may, at times, play a bad role in our lives. We should never believe that we are superior to others; we should just acknowledge that we are different. Therefore our knowledge and experience must guide our opinions and actions. The more we practice this, the better off we will be in terms of our self-conscience.  Most satisfactions in life come from being at ease and even proud of our actions.  

The opposite is true too. Regretting our actions is a bad feeling that lingers with us, sometimes for a lifetime. Some relief to this can be achieved by openly and sincerely offering our due apologies to the people that we might have harmed, since very seldom we will be able to undo what was done. 

Just as bad as Arrogance is Under-Esteem or Lower-Esteem. 

The other extreme in our self-assessment may turn into a chaotic and destructive sense of having lower value than we really have. It is critical to be fair with ourselves because that same fairness we must apply to others in our environment. Actually fairness is not “rocket science” or a mystery; most of the time, being fair is just applying plain “common sense.”