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Enjoy what you Can’t Change  

There are many things you can’t change. It is important for you to identify them so that you do not get distracted and waste your energy, positive thoughts, resources, and efforts trying to change those or even worse, complaining about them or blaming them for your shortcomings. A very typical attitude of mediocrity is for example complaining about weather, traffic, political decisions, wrong economic measures, extraneous people’s behaviors, childhood poverty, and many other issues. If there are things you can’t change, look deeply into them and try to suffer the least possible, and even perhaps find reasons to enjoy some of them.  

When I came to live in these 6-month long winters in Wisconsin, I did it out of love to a kind and smart lady who eventually became my wife. Later I realized that the People who live in these weathers are different! The Urban environment is also different. I can’t tell you if the weather has a lot to do with it, but it for sure is a different approach to life. Neighbors here are not the common kind you will find in a city like San Diego, Chicago, México or Los Ángeles. Actually they remind me of the neighbors I had in my youth: caring people who would help you without hesitation in any situation. They are people who behave sometimes better than your own relatives. 

Challenges of what you can’t change at Work: 

At work, for example you may find the need to abide by senseless rules, illogical processes, or even put up with some difficult people who really do not have any intention of changing or improving. Do not try to change them; rather change your attitude towards them.  

I have learned, sometimes the hard way, the fact that you must like what you are doing or you will be miserable. Sometimes you will need to work at making your job interesting and likable; even become passionate about it, as a result of that effort you will start enjoying it!

Ask some successful leaders about the opportunities of growth they had when it was necessary to switch their attitudes toward things they could not change.