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Why use or Enrique Mora for your Lean or TPM Implementation?

TPM Implementation is a serious effort. World-Class companies have been working at this for many years. TPMonLine has the satisfaction of more than 14 successful years online, with Continuous Update of services & Products.

Enrique Mora
 Why do people from All Over the World hire our services?

Before that, since the 1970´s, Enrique Mora, who at the time was working at Ford Motor Company, started his preparation in this subject. He has been in continuous learning mode ever since. He is recognized and respected in numerous International Forums, in professional groups and Universities. He is invited and required by prestigious publications to writing for them articles on the complex and numerous tools that comprise this Universe of Process and Asset Management improvement.

More than 200 successful implementations, and Thousands of participants in our conferences all over the world have made our service one of the most trusted in this field.

The benefit to our customers:
We make sure that Your Team will be equipped to have the improvements Grow, Succeed, and Stay.

The No-Strings-Attached
Assessment Process

It is not just Training that takes place. The Implementation of TPM and any other Lean Manufacturing Strategy needs to start by an assessment of the current status of the Maintenance activity and the enterprise’s Leadership environment.

Only after these observations can we can grant our
“Money Back Guarantee.” 

Indeed: We have put this Guarantee in the
dictionary of the Consulting Industry.

Interestingly enough, there has been not one of our customers who ever needed to make this guarantee effective. We have ALWAYS exceeded their expectations with ROI – Returns on Investment. Not one of them has ever obtained less than 200% return of their investment per year. Some have achieved much higher ROIs, in the range of Thousands %!

Not all companies qualify immediately to implement TPM or Lean Manufacturing!

The purpose of the assessment is to assure that the effort and investment in our services will pay back in the form of a successful implementation that generates Higher Maintainability + Reliability + Productivity, and a sustainable success for You and Your Company. It is very critical to assure that TPM will bring everyone in the organization to a new level of awareness and commitment towards a more productive status.

We do NOT sell you, but rather
Advise you
 on Consulting.

Low Cost + Effectiveness = Long Lasting Friendships!

Our concept of consulting is not about “moving in” into your facility. We develop your own teams to become the Champions and Owners of the World-Class improvements. That is perhaps the main characteristic which sets us apart. Indeed: TPM and all the other Lean Manufacturing processes are more Cultural than Technical. We have discovered this through all our years of practice, so our system is strongly aimed at the development of the Right Culture.

It is You and your Teams who, with our uncompromised dedication and support, ASSURE the permanent performance of any Implementation.

Your success is Our success!