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What Benefits do you want your Children or Loved Ones to have from Your Example?  

Perhaps some of you are parents. Some affluent parents think that providing sophisticated education or costly items to their kids is enough… Wrong! Our responsibility with our children is to make sure that they will succeed on their own!

Make sure you do not impose in them any ideas, religions, or discipline systems they must follow. At the same time, assure you give them an example that will help them behave in a way that helps them be accepted in the best social and professional groups as they age and mature.  

One valuable fact is that most people who move out of mediocrity, seldom fall into the traps of drugs or other vices. 

They will follow Example, Not Advice... 

Children rarely follow advice; but they are always eagerly observing the performance of people they admire, so they can follow their behavior and performance, and try to “be like them.” 

They will admire you if you do your very best at showing them the way to keep improving, which has no limits; then they will have a great example and will also learn that they can outdo you and perform even better. That is a true legacy to the kids and all the people you love.