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 La Autoridad de Acueductos, Alcantarillado y Agua Potable de Puerto Rico ha logrado implementar un programa de mantenimiento Clase Mundial. En nuestra visita de seguimiento pudimos constatar que cuenta con instrumentos que le permiten constante reducción de fugas y pérdidas.

ACESCO es una empresa Colombiana cuya planta en Barranquilla es ejemplo de eficiencia, habiendo implementado TPM y otras disciplinas esbeltas que le han dado una gran ventaja competitiva.

Allison Payment Systems is a Postal World in itself. Sophisticated systems allow for them to deliver in a timely manner millions of statements and other important documents.

Amurol Confections is a part of Wrigley's and they produce Novelty candy and chewing gum.

Barrick is a mining institution that handles a mix of gold and silver extracted with proprietary technology. They are TPM Certified worldwide.

Cannon Safe is the World's Gratest Safe Manufacturer. They have a prestigious line of products processed in a Lean environment.

COSTCO Industries generates conveniently packed products for distribution in their great Clubs at wholesale prices. They are definitely a Lean Organization with results improving all the time.

Dynasol produces Elastomers for multiple applications. Their careful follow-up on the TPM improvements implemented has kept them satisfied and efficient.

Dynasol Elastómeros, en Altamira es un productor eficiente de elastómeros para diversas aplicaciones. Sus mejoras han sido notables y el sostenimiento por parte de su gran equipo es un buen ejemplo de TPM y Kaizén.

Autopartes FANALCA of Colombia is a supplier of choice for various automotive manufacturers in the region. They have applied TPM and numerous of our Lean disciplines and kept them in place.

OBEIKAN Paper Industries is one of the largest Paper Manufacturers in the Middle East. Located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is in a transition towards TPM and Lean Manufacturing Excellence. They are a component of a Corporation with more than 20 Companies and have given us the opportunity to participate in this venture. 

Ford Motor Company was the beginning step of my career. I developed the “automated” Preventive Maintenance system using Royal-McBee perforated cards (at a time when PCs were not popular yet). Ford triggered my passion for Maintenance that still keeps me going today. 

General Dynamics is a powerhouse of armament and other supplies for the US armed forces. They acquired NASSCO and keep it going. They have sustained the TPM System that I implemented during a 2 year contract. 

Grupo Gama es un excelente productor de materiales para nuevas tecnologías de construcción con aplicación de viguetas prefabricadas y formas de poli-estireno expandido. Han tenido un impresionante crecimiento gracias a su gran esfuerzo por sostener los principios de Manufactura Esbelta y Liderazgo que implementamos en su planta de Tepotzotlán, México.