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We have been privileged with the preference of large and small companies which have confided their Maintenance, Operations, and Management processes improvement to us.

We are proud to announce that our services have been highly productive in Saudi Arabia at the most important private Industrial Complex.

All kinds of Industries have experienced important improvements with a system that is based on Best Practices in Maintenance, Manufacuring, and Management.

customers 104

Anywhere from Workshops or Conferences attendance to intense Implementation Programs

VITRO is a Mexican Glass manufacturer with worldwide recognition. Their Lean Culture and efficiency has allowed for them to team up with Corning, the World's most important company in that Industry.  

GRUPO VITRO tiene un gran prestigio mundial en la industria vidriera. Su excelente cultura de Manufactura y Mantenimiento le ha permitido entablar importantes nexos con Corning, la empresa más importante del mundo en ese rubro. 

Herbalife is a World brand of vitamins and supplements. They had our SMED Implementation services and accomplished a record savings of millions of dollars every year since.  

Hoffman is an important role model in the manufacturing of ducts, panels, and boxes for electric installations. They gave us the opportunity to implement TPM and have kept the discipline at a high level. They were recently merged with Pentair. 

IBC is a professional organization in India. They have given us the opportunity to deliver conferences and workshops in Mumbai, Delhi, and the Industrial stronghold of Chennai. We keep working in their important circuit, presenting many different strategies to promote their productivity and Impressive Manufacturing Progress. In 2012 the program covers also Calcutta. 

Impresora Coyoacan produces a multitude of boxes for medicines, and food products. We had, teaming up with FESTO consulting, the opportunity to help their Leadership Team with our Best Management Practices program. 

Impresora Coyoacán es un ejemplo de la tradicional empresa familiar. Tuvimos el agrado de coparticipar con FESTO Consultoría con la implementación de nuestro Programa de Mejores Prácticas Gerenciales.  

Jacuzzi is The Brand for SPA's and Hydro massage tubs. We had the privilege to team with the California Manufacturing Technology Center to deliver Lean Manufacturing training to their California facility. 

You have probably worn one of Legendary Headwear's beautifully embroidered hats. They are embroidered in the Tijuana plant of this prestigious company. We diagnosed it and made the necessary recommendations for improving their processes and quality. 

Metaldyne is a consortium of Die-Cast aluminum plants which products are delivered to most automotive assemblers. The TPM Implementation that we facilitated has produced thousands percent of ROI, year after year. 

NASSCO is the greatest shipyard in the West Coast of the US. They build enormous vessels for the US Navy. We did a Two-Year TPM Implementation program that was showcased by IMPO Magazine. 

OceanScience efficiently manufactures miniature robots for aquatic studies. We implemented the Basic Lean disciplines for them. 

Pacific Manufacturing a Precision Industrial Machining Center implemented our 5S and visual systems program and works with high profitability. 

PCI-Industries’ 2 plants manufacture a variety of architectural components from windows to louvers of unlimited sizes. We successfully provided them with our Problem Solving, Teambuilding, and Leadership Programs. 

Pentair is a large international supplier of metal products that merged Hoffman in Reynosa México. They have kept our TPM implementation as their basic maintenance process. 

PETROBRAS the Brazilian Oil Co. sent some of their maintenance team members to our TPM Certification program held in Cali, Colombia. They have been implementing it in every one of their installations.