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We have been privileged with the preference of large and small companies which have confided their Maintenance, Operations, and Management processes improvement to us.

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Anywhere from Workshops or Conferences attendance to intense Implementation Programs

Grupo PETROTEMEX is a Petro-Chemical producer of a multitude of raw materials for the bottling industry among others. They have been sustaining our TPM Implementation for many years and achieved top leadership.

Grupo PETROTEMEX es una Petro-Química que entrega una multitud de materias primas a la industria embotelladora y otras. Han sostenido con éxito nuestra Implementación TPM por muchos años y alcanzado alto nivel de liderazgo.

PFIZER operates their Puerto Rico plants with optimized preventive maintenance and we were given the opportunity to provide the training for such implementation of LAI’s excellent “Fusion” System. They are at the level of Preventive Maintenance Optimization.

PHILIPS, now acquired by Korean LG was the site (in their CRT factory in Torreón Mexico) for our TPM Certification Program.

PROAN, one of the top Agro Industries in The American Continent, has the most efficient Corrugated Cardboard plant in the World. We had the opportunity to implement our Self-Directed-Group Leadership Program. They have made it produce unbelievable results. Self Directed Groups are the Optimal achievement of Lean Management.

PROAN es una de las más grandes empresas Agropecuarias en el continente Americano.
Ellos tienen la planta de cartón corrugado más eficiente del mundo. Tuvimos el privilegio de implementar, mediante nuestro contrato con FESTO Consultoría, nuestro Programa de Liderazgo para Grupos Auto-dirigidos. Ellos lo han mantenido produciendo excelentes resultados.

RHI is an International Refractory Brick manufacturer, which Mexican Plant runs at high efficiency. We implemented there our SMED Program getting them to the top of their corporative world-efficiency record.

The executives of Serralles Distillery of Puerto Rico received our basic Lean Management training and are now prepared for one of the toughest challenges in their history. We will soon implement our TPM Program.

SignResource is one of the largest manufacturers of spectacular signage in the World. They make signs for a large number of businesses. We were chosen for the opportunity of streamlining their production processes with our Lean Manufacturing program.

SQUARE-D a world manufacturer of electric circuit breakers was one of our first customers. They were TPM Certified many years ago and keep the system running efficiently.

Standard Filter has developed great proprietary technology in the manufacturing of specialized filtering systems. We had the privilege to implement Cellular Manufacturing at their California facility and they have since kept improving their labor intensive processes.

Sugar Foods is a Food Service supplier with numerous patents and brands. They gave us the opportunity through the CMTC to provide the training and team building strategies and have kept in the World-Class level.

Tecno-Parque es un grupo muy importante en el desarrollo de espacios profesionales en México. Tuvimos la oportunidad de darles nuestra capacitación básica para integrar un Mantenimiento de Alta Eficiencia.

Wrigley’s is now a MARS company and keeps the world supremacy in chewing gum production. We were chosen to trigger their TPM and Lean Implementation. Today all their facilities around the World use this system in their various operations.

Zodiac Aerospace is a premium manufacturer of semi-assemblies for the Aeronautics Industry, with customers like Boeing, EMBRAER, and others. They operate with the optimal TPM system implemented by us many years ago.