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Mark 12 Keys to Increasing Personal Productivity While Adding More Balance 
to Your Life

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Mark Sanborn is an acclaimed speaker and best-selling author. He is president of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., a leadership studio dedicated to developing leaders in business and in life. Visit his websites at, and www.YouDon'  

In a recent article on his website, Mark Sanborn discussed the one common problem that we all have: We are doing more, but we are accomplishing less.  Many managers today have a problem with Time:  How can we fit all that we want to do – work, family, sleep, education, exercise, recreation, meals, etc. - into 24 hours?  Mark illustrates a typical day of most senior managers as:  16 hours for work, 1 ½ hours for family, 0 for exercise, 0 for education, 0 for meals, and 5 ½ hours for sleep.  

Mark asks, “ How does one get more done and get more results out of each day?”  The article illustrates 12 ways to work smarter and faster with quality of results:  

1.                    Write a long-range plan.  “The first step in getting more done and producing results in our personal and professional lives is committing to a long-range plan of action that very carefully details the things that we want to accomplish.

2.                    Have a weekly and daily written plan.  “Planning one week at a time gives you a greater sense of organization and focus because it lets you control your schedule rather than letting your schedule control you.”

3.                    Prioritize everything on your daily plan.  This will let “you know that needs to be done first…”

4.                    Consistently use a system of Time Management.  “Determine which system you’re willing to commit to for at least the next year or longer and begin using it every day.”

5.                    Determine if you are an architect or firefighter.  “An architect designs the future.  A firefighter responds to crises…you must be proactive rather than reactive if you’re going to produce results.”

6.                    Be sure you know the difference between perfectionism and excellence.  “Some things are worth doing and getting done.  Some things are worth doing well.  Other things are worth doing very, very well.  Perfectionism is the inability to know the difference.”

7.                    Develop discipline.  “Discipline is doing what needs to be done rather than doing what you want to do…delay immediate gratification in order to obtain long-term gratification.”

8.                    Develop your people skills.  Besides your time and your energy, the time and energy of other people are another important resource for you.  “Your skill at getting results depends on how highly developed your people skills have become.”

9.                    Don’t be a “super-person.”  Super-person syndrome is “trying to do it all yourself (which) will severely limit how much you can accomplish both personally and organizationally.”

10.                 Don’t procrastinate.  “The problem that all of us face is the tendency to postpone. The unwillingness to what needs to be done at the moment and do something we’d rather do instead.”

11.                 Don’t fear failure.  “A fear of failure or a fear of success can be a very real barrier in our attempt to get things done.”

12.                 Don’t attend meetings that are a waste of time.  “Work at cutting down on meeting attendance that isn’t really necessary.” 

Mark sums up the article by reminding us we have only 24 hours in a day.  We need to make an effort to use time as the precious resource it is.  When we do, we’ll “be able to put more quality into your interests and endeavors and operate at a level equal to your capacity.  Remember that organization and discipline, delegation, good people skills, confidence and understanding the difference between perfectionism and excellence are the keys to productive and well-balanced lives”

You can read this entire article on Mark’s website at  It is a wonderful resource for leadership ideas and support.

If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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