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  Build a Leadergram or Leadership Chart Instead of an Organigram or Organization Chart, then turn your
"Depart-ments" into Areas of Joined Responsibility.

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I am amazed at how many companies have not realized the need for a radical change in this regard yet. Indeed, most organizations are still in the dark ages when it comes to illustrate the administration of management, leadership, and authority.

Organization Charts are Outdated!

Most of them still utilize the old Organization Chart from past Centuries. The current reality for a successful enterprise is quite different. Therefore it is required to have a more accurate representation of the areas of responsibility (in the old ages called Depart-ments).

The antique administration system would contemplate and sometimes enforce a total separation of functions or specialties, which made the associates, (employees at those old times); feel there was a barrier between groups of people. That imaginary set of barriers and many times physical walls would frequently prevent communication among them, up to a point that they not only did not cooperate with each other as a team, but instead put sometimes without knowing, obstacles in each other’s functions. This is still happening today at most companies.

That was a way of Preventing
Leadership and Empowerment

The new way of doing things and produce an efficient Lean environment in the enterprise is by changing some mindsets and producing a cooperative environment where all the associates are not only willing to help, but learn more from each other all the time. This new mindset helps reduce all the mishaps that we would suffer in the past due to poor communication and understanding.

Organization ChartInstead of the traditional Organization Chart (figure above), that would only create layers of power which would be shown with pride by the people on the top, today we see the Leadership Graph or Chart (Below)

Leadership Chart

The idea is to illustrate in a very clear manner the different areas of responsibility that are comprised within the operation of the enterprise. Then, instead of “Super” titles, simply set pictures of the people who have the knowledge to support each of those responsibilities. We will see that some individuals show in more than one group, and the CEO should probably show in all or most of them. Also important is to note that some responsibilities that in the past were surrounded by a barrier, can mix together and integrate a cooperative unit like: Marketing and Sales, Design and Manufacturing, Procurement and Material Handling, Design, Manufacturing Engineering and Production, etc.

MultiTraining + MultiTasking = Optimal Cooperation, Communication, Understanding, and Results!

The new arrangement is definitely a step ahead in terms of shared leadership and contributes to bring people to a higher standard of understanding and cooperation while they share more versatile responsibilities and learn or perfect new skills all the time. Some people though, may not fit in this progressive environment, since it also implies the need for more learning and involvement with the company’s diverse activities.

What if Some don't Like it?

Only those with a vision and willingness to progress will welcome this new set of functions. The good news is that those who do not fit in it were anyway bringing too little to the whole sync of the company, but they are now put under the spot light.

Try bringing your organization into a new perspective. You will be amazed at how many of your people are eager to embark into learning and cooperating in new responsibilities.

They want to have their picture in more than one of the fields of the business. They want their peers to count on them for further learning of the details of your operation.

We will be glad to help you not only in the “Graphic” but in the True Leadership Transition. Email us today to get FREE information on this subject that is today more important than ever before.


If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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