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  Why Should we Do
"Our Best?"

by Enrique Mora

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The Cost of Doing our “Best”

Sometimes some people under some circumstances seem to find it difficult to do “Their Best”, or perhaps there is some mental barrier that tells them it is not worth it. As if “Doing Our Best” had an extra cost in energy, time, and effort.

The reality is that doing our best is the most beneficial thing we can do. It is for sure beneficial to someone else or the community around us, but it is more beneficial to us. As William Edwards Deming stated it in the 12th of his famous 14 principles, there is Pride for those who do their best and we should not condition it to receiving a bonus or grade. It is a Leader’s task to help everyone in their teams enjoy and highly value the satisfaction of revealing the best of their skills and show their capabilities at every step of the daily existence.

Perhaps the sub-title should be:

“The Cost of Not Doing Our Best.”

Probably all of us have sometime regretted not doing our best in a certain opportunity. Perhaps we are still on time to change attitudes and get started or restarted into the right direction. It is a matter of convenience for us. This is true in all kinds of situations.  

We need to realize that by doing our best at work or at our relationships in life; we can really make a difference in the results. Most of the time, we waste the opportunity to do this just because of stinginess. For some reason there is the mistaken belief that the minimal effort is better for us than doing our best. Nevertheless when we have delivered an extra effort, the results have been drastically better! Beyond comparison!

We all can recall the supreme satisfaction and pride we felt the last time we gave that extra push, that additional care, that enhanced treatment. Those memories are the best motivation we have to aim at excellence in everything we are to do each and every day. Also I am sure you can recall the positive impact you felt when you dealt with someone who did "their best."

When will we start doing our best all of the times? What are we waiting for? Life can be Much More Enjoyable, if we want it to. After all: “doing our best” is what everyone else is expecting from us. Let us not disappoint our customers, leaders, peers, team members, friends, and families. The results will produce happiness for all!


If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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