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  Expecting Better Results

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by Enrique Mora

Most people are always expecting to achieve higher and better results in every aspect of our lives all the time. It is Human Nature!

I have always been very optimistic to this respect and can’t really complain about my results so far.

There are some conditions to comply with in order to turn these results into reality. I will try to describe them here:

  1. Expect always the best. Many times we don’t get good results simply because we don’t believe we can. Accept only the best, and the best will come to you.

  2. Ask for people’s help. Most people are generous and we all are eager to help others, but many opportunities are lost simply because we don’t ask for help.

  3. Be ready to pay the price. The price of success comes in several shapes… effort, dedication, study, but the Most Important is Attitude! Having a good attitude helps enormously. You deserve success only if you really think you deserve it.

  4. Be open to change. Most people expect for others to change first. The odds of that happening though are only 4%. Earl Nightingale and William Penn Patrick used to say that Pareto was only partially right when he established that we should be in the 20% of the people who get 80% of all the success. In reality, the 20% of that 20% (that is only 4 of every hundred people), get 64% of all the success.

In two words: Hit first, be the one who takes
the initiative and get more than anyone else…  

One concept that has been sometimes proven at small scale, is that if all the money in the world was put together on a pile and then evenly distributed among the whole population, just a few years later would end up concentrated in the very same hands that held it before. Meaning that those who succeed, know how to succeed and those who do not will lose any richness to the skilled.

Of course the way to start the change is simply doing things differently. We want different results, right?  Even if you have already been satisfied with your current status, if you really want to do better, you need to make a few changes in your actions. It is all about the choices you make from now on. Think about it! Today you are the result of what you have done with yourself for the last few years. Ten years from now you will be the sum of what you are now plus (or minus) what you do from now on…

Send me your comments or questions, I will be glad to be of service at no cost and with no strings attached.


If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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