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  I Hate to Hate!

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For many years I have struggled with my environment because I find that too many people hate too many things. And how does that affect me?

In reality it affects me a lot. It actually affects everyone. Hate is a negative energy that invades our atmosphere and intoxicates our spirit. What can we do about it? When I find myself with something I should probably hate, I simply turn things around and change my attitude to a “dislike”, which has helped me big time. Of course I try to avoid things, situations, products, foods, words, people, and activities that I dislike.
One very disturbing fact is that so many people hate their jobs! That is outrageous! How can people voluntarily keep doing something that harms them so much? Because they really have learned to like to hate! What is that? Yes, it is hard to believe, but many people believe that we are in this world to put up with stuff we hate. Obviously it will be practically impossible for anyone to succeed at a profession or activity they hate or simply do not enjoy.
Hating is an action that requires a lot of energy, twists our guts, and makes us age and ache. So if you do not want any of these very bad consequences, if you want to get smile wrinkles instead of frowning ones, I strongly recommend you to follow some few directions here.

  1. Never HATE what you do for a living, rather change the ways until all the facts that don’t appeal to you, get transformed into acceptable and somewhat enjoyable tasks

  2. Try to avoid the word “Hate” in your communications verbal or written

  3. Without putting a fight, try to get people to embrace this attitude

  4. Find more reasons to enjoy everything that you need to do

  5. When in a situation of impossible transformation, reject the activity that brings you to not enjoy your life

  6. The point is: Do only what you love to do and try to love everything that you need to do

  7. Never lose your sense of humor, so people are happier around you

  8. Make “Smile” your “by default” expression

In order to know where you are on this until now, please take a look at a few pictures of you… If you are smiling in most of them, you are good!

Hate is hateful and hatable so we need to separate from it as much as we can.

Nevertheless in the electoral campaign in 2008, a group af very negative people who want to take the "Ostrich approach" to homosexuality, pushed for a measure called "Proposition 8" that would change the constitution by banning gay marriage.

The truth is: We all have relatives or friends who are gay, sometimes we simply do not pay enough attention and they are too familiar with discrimination and disrespect that they keep "in the closet" as they say...

Who should have the right to deny them their rights?

Please do me a favor: Write me a line with your impressions on this…

If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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