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Problem Resolution

In today’s competitive world, we all perceive the need to reinvent ourselves. Independent of your current position or situation, everyone can sense the need for improvement in almost every aspect of life. We usually make the common mistake of thinking that “improving” represents more work and more effort. In reality, there is a big waste of energy by the many people trying to perform that additional effort. We must increase our performance and become more valuable as individuals. How are we going to reach the objective of reinventing ourselves? Simple, with a clearly spelled out Vision and the Mission statement that everyone can identify with, and be a part of.

Adjusting our Vision and Mission

Most organizations have Vision and Mission statements, and of course most of them face obstacles and problems of all sizes which prevent them from achieving their Vision or Mission. Of vital concern is the need to make sure that The Vision and The Mission are spelled out in a very clear [understandable by anyone] manner. Every associate should know them by heart, identify with them, and agree with them.

The problems in complying with those statements may be simple, but if they remain unresolved, they prevent the majority of organizations from reaching the top in their competitive field. We may find that we need to re-write or re-word our Vision and Mission Statements.

Requirements for Problem Resolution

The first step in the Resolution of a Problem is to become aware of its existence. It is unbelievable how many times we find that organizations have problems which are not clearly known by their Associates (in the past called "Employees").

For the most part, the traditional organization will have some awareness shared only by top management. Even the most elemental operational problems are kept at a top management level and rarely do they permeate to the whole organization. This is especially true if we are talking about technical problems. This hierarchy–generated isolation is perhaps the biggest problem that nobody seems to be aware of. It puts an unnecessary Heavy Load on the shoulders of the Management Team, reducing their ability to perform the Leadership functions they should focus on.

In order to overcome the problems and reach their solution, these have to be analyzed and discussed at all levels and extensions of the organization. The basic reason for this is what I have confirmed in more than three decades of professional activity, time after time.

It is a Key Factor in Problem Resolution:

"The answers are inside the organization!"

Indeed, the Kaizen implementations constantly reveal this. Problem resolution is a critical issue in most operations in order to succeed. There have been literally hundreds of cases when we find the solution in a simple conversation with the people on the floor. Not few of these solutions come with the comment “I have been telling them this for years.” It is like a “Natural” and mainly involuntary discrimination that we frequently perform against our people and this trend needs to end if we really want to improve. This "Partronizing and Underestimating" of our people's capacity, intelligence, creativity, and good will, must be brought up and resolve in a more Inclusive Culture. That is what the Kaizen Culture is all about.

Our "Problem Resolution Techniques" program

In our Problem Resolution Techniques program you and your team will be able to learn how to proceed to start taking advantage of the intelligence and creativity of all your associates. This generates a new kind of environment where people work much better. The cooperation between people and areas of responsibility (in the past called "Departments") is increased subtantially.

This is a 12 hour program that we have been delivering at different companies of all kinds of activities: Manufacturing, Administration, Services, all with the same results, optimization in their Problem Resolution Skills.

Share with us your concerns and we will prepare a proposal that fits your needs. The cost of this service is minimal compared to the benefits (some of them in immediate cash flow) that your organization will experience.

This page has been improved on Jan 28, 2011 thanks to the expert advice of 'Mark Schoonover', a specialist in good grammar. We are thankful for his help. If you need professional proofing and editing services, do not hesitate to Contact him.

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