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We are often called by disappointed business leaders who eager to improve their process and increase their profits, have unsuccessfully tried to implement Lean or any of the Strategies. The more we see implementation failures out in the field the more importance this subject takes..

Who Must Sustain?

Quite frequently we face the dilemma to devote or not our attention, energy, and effort to a certain cause. Actually we sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of issues that seem to require our attention in our everyday activities.  The general assumption is that "others" should take care of the new stuff that comes our way. We are already completely loaded!

Sorry to tell you, that assumption can put you out of shape and make you suddenly unfit and ineffective for your current position. Indeed it is very obvious these days that we need to grow up to higher expectations all the time just to stay afloat. That is what is expected of Companies and, since we all are a part of the Company that is what is expected also from us as Individuals. It has become a "Natural" feature that we all better develop.

Everyone in the Organization!

In general, that "New Stuff" coming our way is no other than the effect of "Kaizen" Continuous Improvement, and because it is continuous, it is unlikely to stop coming. The main motivation we should feel to "Get on Board" is that any and all of these improvements will have a final Positive effect on us. Indeed, at the beginning an improvement always looks like an additional load on our shoulders, then as we start integrating it to our daily routine, we discover that not only our original work is being simplified, improved, or complemented, but the competitive edge of our Company is being sharpened, (The 7th Habit - remember?), which means stability and progress for all. 

Bottom line: Job Security!

It is a re-awakening and updating of our Survival Instinct. Being Natural, we will not need to make any kind of effort to keep at it, discovering all the advantages and benefits it represents for all of us. Unfortunately, most less informed and educated people will always oppose these improvements. 

Remember: Ignorance is Fear!

This means we will have a special task to help others understand and accept this evolution, since their not contributing would affect us all. It will demand some Leadership Skill on our part to help our team be a part of this everyday success, and then we will be able to standardize it and enjoy it big time. Sustaining the positive effect of changes (sorry, bad word) Improvements I meant, is a part of the natural behavior of a Leader. Sustainment is the most Critical part of those improvements.


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If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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