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  Waiting Time - One of theWorst Wastes

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Probably we all experience it more frequently than we would want to. Not only at work but also in our private lives, waiting is something we would like to avoid and not always it is possible. One of those is airport wait. It extends our traveling time immensely. Actually, in some cases, for domestic flights, once and again I have wished I rather be driving.

Laptops are doing a great job here, actually I am writing this at the brand new terminal 2 of the Mexico City Airport, a great facility without a doubt. Stores and restaurants are abundant, and that competition makes quality, service, and prices be highly competitive.

Back in the consideration of "waiting time", what we need to do about airport, or "doctor appointment" waiting time as well as those few minutes we may have to wait in the car to be just in time for an appointment, is to have a couple of projects waiting for us in the computer. Sometimes we can even go on-line and have some interactions with our offices, customers, and suppliers, as well as relatives that otherwise we will never have a time to write them a line. One more idea that I frequently put into practice is to have a book handy. These two and some other ideas that may occur to you, may represent an opportunity to use those unavoidable wastes of time.

In the past, as I always have been into some kind of sales, I would approach someone to establish some conversation or networking. Today most prospective customers are not approachable, since they’re either fully engaged with their computers or seem to be talking to themselves with the justification of their blue-tooth earpieces.

Time is the only non-renewable resource of the human being, we have some allotment for our lifetime and when it is gone it is gone for good. No matter how wealthy or important a person may be, when their time is gone nothing among their assets can be traded for some more time.

There are several professional books we all can use for those cases: all of Steve Covey’s, many Leadership titles, a light one that comes to mind is "Engaged Leadership", like a novel with a series of great leadership examples; The Exceptional Presenter is other of my favorites, it is always in my car. Some other people may find other subjects of their interest. Whatever you decide to do, please don’t just "wait". Each and every day in the airports in America and the World, according to the Department of Transportation, 2'100'000,000 (yes! 2.1 billion) people wait an average of 47 minutes for their airplane to take off. That is a total of 1'645'000,000 (1.6 billion!) man-(and woman)-hours per day; 187,785 years of human life each year! Just imagine the potential that a nation can accumulate if just a fraction of that time is devoted to improving our skills or sharing some of our information, experience and knowledge!

One thing I have discovered in this "waiting time utilization campaign" is that a second or third reading of a book that was just gathering dust in my shelves, can still bring new juice into my life, and so can your books do for you. Why is that? Read "Previous read books still can teach you some..."


If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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