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Behavioral Based Coaching “BBC” for Individuals, Employees and Managers

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BBC is a professional, structured, process-driven relationship between a Certified Master Coach and an individual wanting to grow and develop specific competencies. This process includes assessments, feedback, and mentoring techniques that have scientific reliability and validity to assist you to increase the quality of your life by removing mental blocks, acquire mental toughness to achieve valuable and sustainable changes in your professional and personal life. 

Behavior  = a person's actions–what people do, think and say to themselves and others

Coaching = empowerment and influencing behavior so that an individual benefit as they regain life-balance and increase their effectiveness. Coaching engages people by recognizing and leveraging their strengths 

Empowerment = six stages of power: 1) powerlessness 2) power by association 3) power by achievement 4) power by reflection 5) power by purpose and 6) power by wisdom 

Coaches = promote and support their clients by asking good questions, help them get clear on their own goals, provide timely honest feedback that opens people up to their potential and what’s possible and causes them to commit to results for themselves and those around them 

Today, any organization to survive and thrive must learn to change with the market and times. If we are to have learning organizations, we must have learning executives, managers, supervisors, and leaders. Learning refers to any change in behavior. Organizational Behavior, first seen as actions, is the sum of professional skills affected by personal skills and behavioral aspects such as; beliefs, values, attitudes, motivation, thoughts, and unconscious drives. Coaching is now recognized as the critical platform for successful organizational change and learning initiatives. 

Recent studies have revealed the greatest challenge to any organization is to change people's behavior. Of recent years there has been a growing demand from people developers and their clients for a coaching model based on scientifically validated methodologies. 

Behavior is learned. Behavior is not a person's innate personality. Behavior has a discernible and communicable structure based on our internal state (our senses reacting to our environment --experiences and influences). People exhibit their internal state through their actions (what we do or say). Because our behavior can be codified, a person can be successfully coached to acquire a skill from another person. 

Behavior-based coaching was first employed in sports, work safety, the military, health and education. Behavior-based coaching integrates research from many disciplines. It incorporates knowledge from psychology (behavioral, clinical, social, developmental, industrial and organizational), systems theories, philosophy, ethnic/cultural research, education and the management and leadership fields. 

Too many change and/or learning interventions fail to stand the test of time and the physical and psychological pressures of 'the real world'. To change/learn, people need to embed new insights into deeper, often automatic, thinking processes. This requires them to attend to how they think as well as what they think. To change, people need to turn thought into action. Without clear practical steps for doing this, and practice, old habits soon reassert themselves. Learning will only last if the underlying emotional commitment is there: “do I really want to make positive changes in my life?'” As people engage with new learning we need to ask them to listen to their emotions and look at their attitudes, beliefs and values. 

Coaching is about proactive positive change and change is a psychological/emotional process that requires a shift in a person’s core beliefs, thinking patterns, and attitudes. A successful, professional coach has to understand, be confident and competent in the psychological aspects of coaching and a master in the use of a wide range of behavioral change strategies.  

Coaching requires professional training and supervision by an appropriately trained clinician and experienced practitioner in the use and mastery of psychological-based tools that bring about genuine, lasting, measurable results. Business clients understand the language of figures and the bottom-line and will accept nothing less than statistical proof of change and new learning as well as anecdotal evidence. 

Coaching can bring about improvements in 

  • Organizational performance 
  • Leadership development 
  • Talent management 
  • Succession planning 

Tools used to assist the individual learn how to change their behavior includes self-assessments profiles such as: 

Structured one-on-one interviews 

Assessing for change 

Behavioral / Values profile 

Benefit / Cost analysis 

Autobiographical data 

Envisioning the future  

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT 

Learning profiles 

Job-analysis profile 

Work-life-balance profile 

360 Leadership view  

José I. Garcia, Ph.D has extensive experience counseling, coaching, and mentoring individuals. 


  • Ph. D. Organizational Behavior 
  • M.Ed. Counseling Psychology 
  • B. A. Education 
  • Certifications: Executive Coaching, 360 Leadership Coaching, DiSC Profiles, Achieve Global Leadership, Colors Personality Assessment 

Professional Experience 

  • President, JGarcia Counseling Mediation and Consulting 
  • Chief Executive Officer, Behavioral Health 
  • Director of Continuous Improvement, Horticulture 
  • Director of Education and Training, Manufacturing 
  • Consultant Manufacturing and Leadership 
  • University Professor in Management and Leadership 
  • Principal, Elementary School 
  • Vice Principal, High School 
  • High School Counselor 
  • High School Teacher 
  • High School Athletic Coach 

Contact Information:  1630 E. White Mountain Blvd. Suite B – Pinetop, AZ 85935 

Ph: (928) 368-2973 // Fax: (928) 367-1977  

jose@jgarciaconsulting.com // www.jgarciaconsulting.com 

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