Leaders need to Earn their Team's Cooperation!  We Listen to you for producing our videos

Leadership is The Only Way.
If you really want to be a Great Manager you
Must develop your Leadership Skills all the time

and Reach Operational Excellence 

Our No-Cost-To-You Consulting Policy  



One day an executive in California asked me:  

Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?  

My answer was a clear YES! 

Consulting is not about promises but rather delivery of Measurable Results. In every project we see, and always have, an opportunity to help companies perform better and become more productive and competitive. Only when improvement happens we, (you and us), can consider our job done. We have seen this happen once and again, hundreds of times.

This Fact builds our satisfaction and the confidence of our Customers.  

How does This Policy Work to Your Benefit?

1.       We put into play our experience of 30+ years 

2.       With your cooperation and support we assess your operation to make sure we draft the right strategic plan  

3.       You will be able to Measure the Benefits from any improvement that we put in place 

4.       Until today the minimum expectation of what you can get is not less than 200% ROI Year after Year! though some projects have rendered Thousands% of yearly return 

5.       We have always guaranteed that you get that 200% ROI or we give you back what you paid for our services 

6.       We offer referrals from our multiple happy customers 

7.       In more than 30 years nobody has ever asked for a refund 

If You and Your Organization are Serious about finding the Opportunities to adopt any of these: 


A.      World Class Maintenance 

B.      Leadership Development 

C.      Advanced Lean Manufacturing

All these focused on the Improvements of your Processes, Reduction in Costs, Increased Productivity, and Enhanced Profitability!

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This is a service with no cost or obligation on your part. 

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Operational Excellence may be your next step!

With our World-Class Programs for:

  • Leadership Development  
  • Teambuilding  
  • Empowerment  
  • Problem Solving  
  • Improved Communication  
  • Customized Programs  
  • Best Management Practices 
  • Personal and Enterprise Coaching 
  • Top Performance Teams 
  • Culture of Cooperation 
  • Train the Trainer 
  • Motivation and Negotiation Skills 
  • Implementation and Certification

    Ask us about our Free (in US only), and Low Cost Overseas Assessment Services.  

We can really help your Management, Administrative, Maintenance, Engineering, & Operational Teams find easier ways to perform better all the time. We have many times done just that.

We can provide references from our Multiple Satisfied Customers.

No risk to you with our unique Money-Back Guarantee!

Con nuestros programas de Clase Mundial para:

· Desarrollo de liderazgo

·Construcción de Equipos de Trabajo

· Apoderamiento

· Solución de problemas

·Mejorar la Comunicación

·Programas Personalizados

·Mejores Prácticas de Gerencia

· Coaching Personal y  de Empresa

·Equipos de Máximo Rendimiento

·Cultura de Cooperación

·Entrenamiento al Entrenador

·Motivación y Técnicas de Negociación

· Implementación y certificación

Pregúntenos sobre nuestros Servicios de Evaluación Gratis(en EEUU) y  de bajo costo en el extranjero.

Realmente podemos ayudar a su gerencia, administrativos, mantenimiento, ingeniería y equipos operacionales para encontrar la forma más fácil de lograr cada vez mejores resultados.

Hemos hecho esto Muchas veces.

Podemos proporcionar referencias de nuestros múltiples clientes satisfechos.

Ningún riesgo para usted con nuestra garantía única de ¡devolución de su dinero!