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3. Mission-Accomplishment Excellence –
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The current technologies and competitive environment of every operation demand a new approach to handle any function.

From top to bottom and from bottom to top, everyone in the organization must take a vital part in the process in order to comply with all specifications, quality, thorough compliance, and timely delivery in order to Accomplish the Mission of our Service or Manufacturing Enterprise.

Every individual in the organization must develop the culture of timeliness and cooperation. Delivering our Services is the culmination of the efforts of the Entire Enterprise!

Operation is not the only entity in charge of those factors of compliance. Regulations and market standards must be clearly known by each person in the organization. Just in time delivery takes a very straight meaning in every step of the processes, including the administrative ones which in the past might have been considered disconnected from the Operation.

This program emphasizes the importance of THE Two most important Lean Strategies:  

JIT – Just In Time,     JIDOKA – Autonomous Quality  

These two are the key pillars of the Toyota Production System that we should Implement in our Process.

JIT: is about every action, service, merchandise, or material being delivered always at the right time, at the right place, in the correct amount.

This is complemented with Jidoka: the assurance that those actions, services and materials be delivered within specifications and cero defects.

This program shows the most valuable Lean tools and strategies and explains in detail when and how to use them in order to advance the status of any Manufacturing or Services enterprise to a World-Class competitive level.

Some of the Core Objectives of Lean Implementation:

A. Lead Time Reduction –
Administrative and Operative mobilization

B. O n Time Delivery Optimization –
Customers perceive Service Improvement

C.  Utilization and Optimization –
Labor Productivity is Enhanced and Motivated!

D. Integration and Morale enhancement –
People work happier

E. Pride of belonging – Specialized Labor retention

F. Culture of Cooperation and

G. Cost and Prices Reduction and Adjustments– Increase in Sales and Satisfaction!   

This World Class Management Program brings
participants to learn, understand, and Practice:

1.      Lean Tools Origin…

a.      The Requirements of Toyota generated this System revolutionizing the World

b.      Economic issues triggered creative processes

c.       “Common Sense” transformed into daily practice

d.      Ford and then all other auto-manufacturers had to follow the model

e.      Multiple Service Organization have successfully adopted it

2.      Work Cells and Infra Structure

a.      Work administration

b.      Work-station balance – Regions – Routes

c.       Cell Teams – Cross-Training advantage

d.      5S Implementation

e.      Ergonomics of the Cell                        

3.      JIT – Just in Time

a.      Everything needs to flow in a timely manner

b.      Never less or more than what is needed

c.       Delivered at the right spot

d.      In the amount required

e.      Never late or before

f.         Flow Simplification

4.      Jidoka – Autonomous Quality             

a.      No inspection is the goal

b.      Each supplier internal or external Must deliver the right quality.

c.       Each operator knows what he-she should be delivering

d.      Quality Assurance eliminating Quality Control

e.      We all are accountable for the quality

5.      Times and Value Stream Mapping

a.      Value Stream

b.      Lead Time

c.       Cycle Time

d.      The Takt Time

e.      The Continuous Delivery Flow

f.         Pull and Kanban – Visual Systems

6.      Importance of TPM Implementation

a.      World Class Maintenance is indispensable to have a reliable Fleet or Plant

b.      Autonomous Maintenance is a part of the operators’ responsibilities

c.       More knowledgeable operators are a vital need of Lean Management

7.      Material Handling and Flow – Lean Logistics

a.      Lean Supply Chain

b.      Supplier development and Certification

c.       Lean optimal POUS – Point of Use Storage

d.      Inter-plant Supplies – Water Spiders

e.      External supply deliveries

f.         Finished Products and Shipping

8.      Creativity Enhancement to Diversify Services

a.      Analysis of customers’ needs

b.      Analysis of capacities required

c.       Openness to Change!

Integral Awareness

  • Most people will perform more professionally if they realize that we are expecting just That!  
  • The Synergy will flow when the majority has understood the benefits and consequences!  
  • Attitudes are defined by the environment!  
  • Each action done right strengthens the individual and the Team!  
  • Whatever your Organization Does can be done better through our 3-M’s Strategy!  
  • Whoever Tries it will not want to go back to the Old Normal!  




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