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The Solid Strength of OpEx - Operational Excellence with our Continuous Commitment for the development of the OpEx Culture in your Organization's population, and the optimal utilization of all your resources and facilities. 



Free Presentations, Courses, and Conferences
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Courses as Required

Each organization has its particular different needs. Our consultants have the experience needed to design a training program for each specific situation.

The World evolves every year more than the previous ten years, and our competition grows in the same proportion. Great corporations must be constantly at the leading edge in order to survive. Those organizations have the daily challenge to develop the next strategies all the time.

With the same reasoning of Autonomous Maintenance, which makes machine operators more knowledgeable to help provide a better maintenance service to the equipment, Operational Excellence is now The Strategy to bring everyone to provide their intelligence and common sense to the whole organization.

Operational Excellence brings all the population of the company to a much higher level of Ownership and Co-Responsibility. We know it is not easy when we have a traditional view of things. This program starts on both ends of the organization and brings the top and middle management teams to realize the great potential of their Associates on the floor.

We will gladly give your team a Free Presentation and develop a plan that fits exactly your needs.

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Management Becomes Easier

Some managers have already switched gears in their style, with impressive results:

*       Fewer Conflicts

*       Higher Productivity

*       Keeping the best people

*       Improving performances

*       Generating Accountability in each and every Associate

It requires dedication to do this, however, your benefits outdo any possible cost and effort.

Our Guarantee 

If you can’t see the benefits Immediately and in the long term, you get a 100% of your money back. We have sustained this guarantee for more than 30 years and not one of our hundreds of customers has ever needed it. What we do have though, are customers with Thousands percent of Return on Investment, Year after Year. 

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"Operational Excellence
       Starts with Culture"