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OpEx - Operative Excellence is Controversial...

The Fundamental Total-Thinking, and Empowered-Workforce-Inclusiveness Culture of OpEx is somewhat controversial, with the traditional thinking of the American Enterprise. Through some Centuries, the idea of Top-Down authority was thought of as an effective way to run businesses. Today, with the impressive advantage that the Asian Management Styles have imprinted in the business world, we all should probably be changing gears.   

The automotive industries have been changing to avoid the defeat that threatened them for many decades. Today they all are aligned with the Toyota Production System and some of the most advanced are in tune with the OpEx or Operational Excellence process. This new Leadership thinking also was adopted by Jack Welch and saved GE from bankruptcy, returning it to be the Greatest Enterprise on planet Earth. 

As said by Victor Hugo: “Nothing is more powerful than an Idea whose time has come.” Indeed we must recognize that the time for a new order in the Strategic Management of the Business World is here and now. Steven Covey’s “Principle Centered Leadership” concept is clear to that regard. It is the Time to switch paradigms. It is urgent to acknowledge the need for that change. Other successful authors: James Belasco and Ralph Stayer have identified this trend as “The New Leadership Paradigm” in their best seller book “Flight of the Buffalo.” 

These signals are clear in the new map to this World-wide competitive economy that we are living today. Traditional management will keep struggling to make the ends meet, while Companies led by the New Leadership will keep putting quantum leaps with their innovative thinking. 

That is when The Method comes handy. And the method is Operational Excellence. In this New Order, all the mental energy of the population in the organization, that has always been there, but mostly dormant, gets a boost with Education and Training. Now, educated, motivated, and empowered, this population turns into the Optimal Resource. With OpEx, it wakes up to rescue the ingenuity and good will of all our people to create unstoppable energy in the whole enterprise. 

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