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Problems Start at The Top!  

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When organizations understand this reality, improvements are made in management styles, culture implementation succeeds, and the expected results fall in place. 

Countless businesses organizations are always puzzled with their failure reaching the best strategies known; and by human nature try to find the solution in the wrong places. 

Without exception, the failures are originated in Management. 

The Best Practices should start
from the Constitution of the Company. 

It is impossible to succeed when the Vision and Mission or purpose of the enterprise is an unknown for most of the people who come together into the effort of creating and sustaining the Company. 

Many people agree in this, though most of vision and mission statements still are unreal, untrue, unachievable, unfriendly, uninformed, and/or unknown by most of the associates.  

Here the term “associate” comprises everyone in the population from Top to Bottom. 

The old school taught the concept that the “employees” or “workers” did not have anything else to do but obey “the bosses.” Sadly, many business people today still think and act based on that silly and outdated idea. 

The Good News: It is always possible and
Easy to turn into the Right Direction! 

Indeed some companies are serious about doing whatever it takes to fix the wrong approach and become a “World-Class” competitor. It could seem like an enormous task to undertake. Actually many current leaders are not prepared to facilitate this transition.  

Not every company will be able to make it!  

What it Takes: 

§  True decision to accept and abide by the necessary changes 

§  Understanding that everyone in the organization is truly valuable 

§  Accepting that: Education and Training need to become a daily activity 

§  Improvement of everyone’s concept of Communication and Learning 

§  Total Motivational Environment 

§  People work because they enjoy it, not because they must 

§  Establishment of Zero Tolerance Norms in: 

§  Conduct 

§  Ethics 

§  Respect 

§  Punctuality 

§  Accountability 

§  Quality 

§  Customer Service 

§  Yes, it includes the whole population of the Enterprise 

People who do not understand those values or are unwilling to abide by them, simply do not belong in the New kind of Organization. 

We can help you succeed in the implementation of these principles and values.  

You can get a free assessment – no strings attached.

If you decide, we will do the implementation under guaranty of results. 

As Jack Welch once said:“Change Before you Have to!”