Operational Excellence Culture

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Barriers to Implementation of Best Practices: 

How to avoid frustration and stagnation in your Organization? 

I have been there… 

*      People show little or no interest for keeping their workplace organized and clean. 

*      Some of them literally drag their feet when we need their cooperation. 

*      Many are capable of saying: “That is not my job.” 

*      Tardiness and absenteeism are tolerated as part of the “tradition” of the Company. 

*      Maintenance needs to re-work because problems are not solved right the first time. 

*      Operators do not have enough: knowledge of their equipment, authority, interest, or motivation as to help detect malfunctions. 

*      Some people simply do not care if something is out of order or out of place. 

*      Equipment setups take hours off of the productive time. 

*      Quality issues go undetected or are overlooked. 

*      Machines show decay and some of their original performance factors are partially or completely lost. 

*      Some workstations have too much inventory of “Work in Process” - (WIP). 

*      Inventories in general are taking large spaces and sometimes get damaged, spoiled, or deteriorated. 

*      Profit margins are drastically reduced. 

*      When a problem arises, the first thought is to find who is to blame, instead of creating a permanent recurrence prevention. 

*      Competitors are performing better and taking our market 

*      Management is too busy trying to keep the enterprise alive and can’t devote time to develop needed training or even listen to their people. 

There is One Proven Discipline that can help you solve all these and multiple more concerns you may have.  

The good news: It is not something exotic. It is based on Plain Common Sense. 

Think of yourself as a consumer. What are the features you look for in a provider of professional services or a reliable supplier of materials and goods? You have the answers. Now let us put them all in context to turn our business into one that people want to buy from. Each individual in the organization must understand where, when, and how their contribution fits in the big picture.  

In mediocre or “traditional” operations a common factor is that most people do not know that they are an important part of the enterprise. Nobody has taken the time to explain to them why they are important. Perhaps this will be the Best First Step to a general transformation in the culture of a Company. Leaders need to become proactive and persistent at properly training and actively acknowledging their people’s contributions. This sole attitude-change can become the engine of the transformation process. 

All time Celebrity and Role Model Vince Lombardi had the inspiration, conviction, and timely thinking concentrated in this phrase: 

“You cannot reach Perfection,
but if you Pursue Perfection
you will achieve Excellence!” 

This Discipline is called Operational Excellence or [OpEx]. 

It is about putting all our energy and resources to do things right as we would want others to do them for us. 

Many World-Class organizations have embraced it and they are leading the economy everywhere. Some of the most important characteristics of OpEx are:  

·         Proactive Leadership  

·         Mutually Respectful treatment of all associates at all levels 

·         Continuous improvement in education and training 

·         Real Empowerment and Accountability at all levels 

·         Transparent processes so everyone is aware of everything that goes on in the process 

·         Open opportunities for promotions and growth 

·         Clear communication among all 

·         Visual help allowing Real-Time corrections or preventions of delays or stoppages 

·         Zero tolerance in terms of individual punctuality or conduct 

·         Thorough understanding of simple and realistic Vision and Mission Statements 

·         Each one is aware of their role and participation in the whole purpose 

·         Clear Motivation in each Individual based on direct real benefits for participation  

The above characteristics suffice to defeat the barriers listed at the beginning. 

Become obsessed with Operational Excellence, the Payback is Enormous!  


MORA Global Consultants can help at each step of transformation, and only get paid after your achievements.