Operational Excellence Culture

We Deliver - You Succeed 


Operational Excellence is
Created from the Bottom–Up  

Many of our readers ask a common question:
How can we start our Implementation of OpEx? 

Keep in mind that OpEx is a Goal that everybody should be able to share. The answer to the question is already known by each one in your organization! Have the groups of each different area of responsibility define basically: 

·  What would our shop floor look like and how would it function if we did everything right?
·  What would our office look like and how would it function if we did everything right?
·  What would the supply chain look like and the relationships be if everyone did everything right? 

Now to each of these questions, have the teams share their most honest and candid answers. Probably they each will have many answers to each question. In these answers they will have in their hands the ingredients for planning and developing the right strategy to start moving towards the Goal. These answers need to be agreed upon, so we get the collaboration from all. 

By doing this, not only they can start developing a realistic vision of the Goal, but they discover how important it is to create the process to arrive to the promising results, and how they each fit into the picture. This is a clear authentic Ownership of their processes. One critical part in all this step, is to help them create all the possible visual systems that will help everyone easily watch the flow and take the actions required to prevent or resolve any delays or blockages in it. 

As we go focusing on the diverse processes and affirming these ownership environments all over the enterprise, we will start seeing more and more a natural exchange among the different teams, since they all are now better informed and at a new level of consciousness about their important roles. This common understanding of the new culture eases the OpEx implementation. 

This creates a great company-wide synergy, and leadership grows among the population, which carries pride and good example. 

One fact to keep in mind: As we advance in the accomplishment of the original Goal, it is likely that the teams will discover higher requirements and Goals, since their individual and team capacities are also evolving. Excellence has no limits. Every single day we each can find a better way of performing in our positions. 

The beauty of the new environment is that when people are prepared to intervene the process to avoid the mishaps, delays, unsafe actions, insufficient resources, overlooked quality issues, they will also be empowered to do what is necessary without having to ask for permission or getting authorities to decide the actions. That is when we are ready to have a flawless flow in the process. We are getting there. 

Design your processes with these concepts in mind. You will be gladly surprised.