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PAPAKAIZEN.COM has been serving the Lean Community
for many years. We do not promote Change, rather Improvement!
This is how we help you and your team achieve

Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

For many years we have seen the new trend of Education, Research, and Information going towards a focal point: The Internet

We see the new generations accessing all they need in an instant thanks to this powerful resource.

Our Mission:

To be constantly ready, up to date to provide that information. The Lean Leaders will then be Better Equipped to face all the Challenges of the present and the future.

Thank you for being with us.

The Challenge:  

Since the late seventies, many industries then dominated by the "leading world powers" have been changing hands drastically and are now dominated by the Asian.  

Beginning with the automobile industry and following with electronics, watches, steel, photography and dozens more, the Asian manufacturers found ways to become so competitive in cost and quality, that have practically been taking the world market all the time. This is a fact! 

What Are "Kaizen" and "Lean Manufacturing" all About? 

The Kaizen process is effective and unique. This site is dedicated to providing the tools required in order to understand all the tools for improvements. They will make your activity more productive. As a result, your operation will become more competitive. We believe that implementation of the Kaizen philosophies is timely and a very good opportunity to improve everybody's quality of life. The application of Lean Manufacturing techniques is so versatile that you can use them in your manufacturing plant, little shop, fast food business, your office, charity, kitchen or garage. Anything you do, can be improved.  

The Kaizen process is so logical and natural that once you experience its goodness, you become a Kaizen-thinker. You start seeing opportunities everywhere. The wastes of resources that are usually overlooked by most people, set alarms off for Kaizen-thinkers. With our consulting and training services we have been helping many companies achieve high levels of World Class competitiveness.  

One of the best features of  Kaizen events or workshops is their low cost and great returns. We have outstanding examples where investments to implement the improvements are paying off by increasing productivity anywhere from 3 up to more than 800 (YES, eight hundred!) times every year. We will be glad to analyze your operation and talk with you about the opportunities that we may be able to find. 

If you would like to learn more about our Kaizen implementation workshops or any other related subject, please visit our different pages or just Click Here to send us an email. We will be in touch with you shortly after.  

There are several disciplines within the vast spectrum of Lean Manufacturing, originally known as the "Toyota Production System" and they all can be Easily and Economically implemented through 

Kaizen Workshops

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