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  Lean Consulting Services

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Consultants are A Necessary Evil..???

The president of one of our repetitive customer companies once told the consultant: "You, consultants are a necessary evil" of course he was just kidding, but he made me think... we really are a necessary good! By outsourcing with us, you are doing your business a lot of good!

For many years we have been providing advice, experience and ingenuity to the most varied types of industries and although we offer a money back guarantee for our services, No One until today has ever asked for a refund. This means they all have at least more than doubled their investment in the first year of implementation. Not only that, I know first hand of cases where the savings and extra revenue from increased sales has been up to 800 times the investment, yes, 80,000% per year. Suppose the net profit is only 10%, that is a return on investment of 8,000%, year after year! We feel good about that!

Kaizen Culture Entrenched

No wonder companies keep doing Kaizens over and over again. In some cases they repeat in the same particular area and keep improving it.

In their best seller "Lean Thinking", lean manufacturing experts J.P. Womack and D. T. Jones show a case study from FNGP, a Plymouth, Michigan based company. The president of that company, Joe Day, decided to introduce lean manufacturing practices in the North American alliance between the world's largest seal and gasket makers.

How About Increasing Productivity Almost 1000%

The focus of one of the first Kaizen workshops or events was the manufacture of vibration dampers in their Ligonier, Indiana facility. They achieved 56% increase in labor productivity and 13% reduction in space needed! Over the next three years, they did several more Kaizens in exactly the same area. As a result, they gradually boosted productivity in 991%! Yes, nine hundred ninety one percent! while reducing the space needed in 48%!

Number of associates Pieces per associate Square Feet Needed
# 1 21 55 2,300
2 months later 18 86 2,000
3 months 
15 112 1,850
9 months 
12 140 1,662
11 months 
6 225 1,360
2 years
3 450 1,200
3½ years 
3 600 1,200

Why do Kaizen now when your business has been running successfully for a long time?

The globalization of the economy has become the best allied of progress. This has another edge: It has created a fierce competition. Today we have to compete against companies all around the Globe. The first sign was perceived by the automobile industry at the end of the seventies. They learned that in order to survive they had to adopt the Toyota Production System. And they sure did! For that reason its name had to be changed to Lean Manufacturing System. Along with the TPS or LMS the Kaizen process has been the right tool as well as the right culture. It has changed the way we all do business.

Why Should You Hire Our 
Consulting Services?

We are your # 1 money saving strategy!

What can we offer and guarantee?

We offer Professional Consulting Services based in a proven body of experience.

Our service is not the only one available, nor is it the cheapest, but it certainly has some unique features:

  • You do business with a Certified Consultant or a knowledgeable Account Manager from the beginning, not a  sales person.

  • We sit down with you and your key people to listen to your concerns and help define the best project to get started.

  • We can manage the event in two or more languages at the same time. For example: English and/or Spanish if you happen to have Hispanic workforce in your site.

  • Our practical approach makes our workshops very effective. We adhere to the right parameters and principles of lean manufacturing and the Kaizen process. Although, we bring the instruction to a level that will be easily understood by all the participants, whatever their previous academic achievements. We keep the complex theories and formulas in the books, where they belong.

  • We create the motivation and appropriate environment. We can, with the help of some natural leaders that you already have in your site, (perhaps overlooked), build a training force that will spread the discipline to the rest of the plant.

  • We measure our success with Your Gains and Accomplishments.

  • You do not have to pay any markup for our services, since you are contracting directly with the consulting firm.

  • We follow up. Yes indeed, we are aware that when a project is finished it is only the beginning of an ongoing improvement process.  We take pride and ownership on it. Our repetitive clients think this is one of the features that make them use our services over and over again.

  • We keep supporting the team for as long as needed. They can call or email the consultant and always get their doubts solved. All this at No Extra Cost!

  • We can also, at your convenience, establish a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly presence at a very affordable fee.

  • We help people within your work force who participate in the Kaizen Workshops become leaders. These people will be able to replicate the process in other areas of the plant. 

For all of the above we are confident that we are, definitely, your best choice! We will be happy to hear from you. Your workforce will feel more secure and motivated. You will be happy you did business with us. It is a Win-Win situation. Feel free to send us a message now No Strings Attached!

or Call Toll Free: 1-866-611-MORA, 8 TO 8 PACIFIC TIME, to clarify any doubts you may have.

We have all the different specialties covered.

If you have not been there, please click to see our page on... 
Some of The Most Important Lean Disciplines.




KBLM is The Basics

If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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