PAS55-Optimal Reliability

PAS 55 on  has the purpose of providing current information on this outstanding document made public by the BSI – British Standard Institute in 2008 which has triggered full Worldwide attention. Now to be soon published is the ISO-55000 Standard.  

The British Standard Institute developed this PAS - Publicly Available Specification to establish a new-higher performance of Asset Management and Maintenance. It was originally addressed to Power Generation and Distribution in Great Britain. It has a wide range of influence since it contemplates all the way from construction or acquisition of the Assets, the Maintenance and care, adequate operation and utilization, all the way to their Decommissioning.

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Sometimes we have not thought about this: Our equipment assets are split into: Critical and Not-Critical. Obviously we want all our Assets to perform optimally, but the most effort and attention must be given to prevent Risk on our Critical to Operation ones. 

Critical Assets, Equipment, or Elements:
These are the machines or elements in our installation or business which can prevent us from completing our function of delivering products or services to our customers in the way we are expected to deliver them. Lack of compliance with such delivery mode can work against our position in the competition for the market. Examples of these Critical Assets will be some Unique Machines or installations that process our products and control the flow of them through the plant from beginning to end. 

Not Critical Assets, Equipment, or Elements:
These are Assets that may be very necessary in the business, but can easily be momentarily or permanently replaced at a given time of failure. Examples of these are assets like: Vehicles, Office equipment, Common Tools, and other items that you can rent or replace at your local dealer, hardware store or office supply.  


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How can Organizations Benefit from PAS 55?

*      It is a beneficial World trend to increase the Reliability of the most Critical Assets in your operation.

*      It was created to assure optimal performance in the Critical Assets, which makes your operation more reliable and gives you peace of mind.

*      PAS 55 or ISO-55000 are not yet mandatory for most activities, and maybe they will never be required by your customers, except if you supply: Electric or any other kind of Power; fuels; raw materials for other industries; Health Services; Strategic Materials, etc.

*      Just as some other incidences of ISO Standards, not everyone must comply with them, but abiding by those standards gives your operation more positive image; lower cost of operation; better preservation of your equipment and assets in general; higher quality and consistency of your products or services, and some other positive secondary effects and advantages.   

*     As usual in our Standard Consulting Services, we will not bring to your Operations any Theories that you do not need: though we will apply all the practical knowledge that you will see translated into more Reliability and effectiveness in your Plant's Maintenance.