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  OnLine Consulting, a new concept with Great Results

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Internet Video-consulting

The VideoConsulting is a concept we've tested for several years and definitely represents a resource of high value to the user.

This service has produced a substantial savings that allows the use of consulting for companies that otherwise would not find it accessible or affordable.

Certainly the consultant adds value when he (or she) is interacting directly, giving their ideas and advice to the client. Then the client uses several hours to make the suggested changes and improvements. That's where the main advantage of the Video-Conferencing remote consulting can be measured. Direct –in-person- consulting pays the consultant full time even when the customer’s team is busy doing their work.

With the current digital systems from photography, videoconferencing, to instantaneous communication such as SKYPE, which is that we use most often, the consultant can have a clear idea of how he can help solve the problems and concerns of the customers within minutes.

If the customer’s team adequately follows the advice of the consultant, by the next time they have a remote videoconsulting session the team will have already improved the original situation and they are both ready for the next advancement.

Just a few years ago this idea of VideoConsulting seemed practically impossible, however today is
gaining popularity.

Case Study of a Video-Conference Customer:

One of our clients is a commercial furniture factory in Managua, they needed to optimize the organization of their plant and also do something about different types of waste which were dangerously affecting the profits of the business.

Normally these tasks would have required a minimum of two weeks of consulting, with a cost that the client at the time was simply not able to pay.

When the consultant mentioned the possibility of consulting service via videoconference, with skepticism and all the client decided to try it.

Initially this customer made a purchase of only 4 hours of consulting, and both agreed to do it in four one-hour sessions. It was decided to make it a weekly session on Mondays, 7-8 in the morning.

Video Consulting results were impressive.

A group of about 12 people including managers and floor workers were in the boardroom in Managua, the consultant in California.

Already in advance the client had sent twenty some pictures of problem areas of the factory. So the consultant began to ask specific questions and people in Managua started answering. The consultant quickly gave them a series of tasks explaining in detail, and made for them a simple presentation with the proper motivation. They showed commitment to fulfill the tasks in the course of a week.

They did it!

By the following Monday the progress was equivalent to at least 20% of what they could have achieved with the presence of the consultant in a week,
but at the low cost of one hour!

The initial project continued for 3 more weeks and the advance was better all the time. Before completing the first 4 hours, the client had already hired and paid 4 more. The advance continued strongly and effectively, and the contracts too.

With a total of 16 hours of paid consulting, the customer actually received aid equivalent to what they would have received within two weeks of consulting, changes and improvements were made at a slow but steady pace, and the benefits were noticeable. The attitude of the people was substantial to this result from the beginning.

A breakthrough was achieved thanks to the creativity and dedication of those associates and interestingly enough they even produced a new unexpected line of products: children's furniture.

Lean Expertise opens up this possibility of remote outsource Video-Consulting in all our topics from leadership and managerial styles to implementation at all levels of the various strategies of lean manufacturing. This is for companies with a group of people committed to the progress of your business.

To learn more and establish a Zero Risk arrangement please contact us:

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