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Why are we your Option Number One? because you will find in this website all the Information you need for a Thorough and Successful TPM Implementation. Also, results of our Services are Money Back Guaranteed!

TPM – The
Continuously up-to-date Discipline to achieve Operational Excellence!>


Since its inception in the late 1950’s, until today in the 21st Century, TPM Total Productive Maintenance has been constantly strengthening providing better results than traditional Corrective Maintenance. TPM Implementation is The best alternative to improve Utilization and Performance in the Equipment.

Why should anyone want to Implement TPM or Lean Manufacturing in Their Business?...  

*      Competition is these days much stronger than ever before

*      Your customers require assurance of timely delivery

*      You want your equipment to perform better for a longer period of time reducing Operation Cost

*      You need the plant to be Reliable so you can assure quality of products, stability, and delivery on time

*      You understand the benefits of a better working environment

*      Safety of your team is one of your top priorities - the Pioneers
Since the 1990s, this website has been the number One resource.

We are The Choice of Consultants for the Implementation of TPM and Lean Manufacturing.

We can show hundreds of our successful customers who are satisfied about our service. Those companies not only are successful after getting our Unique combination of Training Style, Experience, and Dedication.

Dedication that lasts long after the contract. The most important benefit is: They Sustain the results!

Why are we preferred all over the World?   

There are tens of reasons why we have been the choice and recommendation of so many important companies all over the World, so we have made a selection of a few of the most powerful here:

*      We have a Money Back Guarantee!

*      When we perform the Implementation of TPM or Lean Manufacturing, the system and improvements stay in place sustained by Your Motivated team

*      Our training and support systems assure your success

*      We assess exactly the needs of our customers

*      We do not give “School-like” classes to you or your team

*      We avoid trying to indoctrinate your teams on the Technical and Scientific Theories

*      We focus on the Practical application of improvements to your process

*      We show you the exact measurement of the results

*      We are bilingual-bicultural in case you have Hispanic population

*      We make sure you will feel respected as a friend rather than as a customer. You will perceive our Partnership Comittment

*      Our support stays there forever after the contract is finished


Why do people do business with us? 
The President of an Important Building Elements Manufacturer in Texas said it simple: "Because you do not try to impress or Load us with Theoretical concepts, you simply Land the Results of TPM Implementation on the floor of the plant, where they belong."








Friendship, Respect, Commitment, and Partnership
with our customers have made a big difference! 


Our Money-Back Guarantee of
Permanent Results gives our Customers
Peace of Mind.

More Professional Support All The Time!

Indeed, the cultural level in the Industry has been evolving, thus demanding a better performance from everyone in the organization. No longer are the members of top management the only thinkers and leaders; in today’s environment more and better utilization of the human resource brings everyone into the productivity improvement that we all need.

If you are planning to implement this discipline, you will find in our website the most thorough, complete, and friendly information. At no cost we will personally answer any questions you may have. We can even visit your facility at no cost. If you decide you want our professional help we will make sure you get the right strategic plan so any money you choose to put into it will be an Investment, a very productive and Guaranteed one.

Videos on Maintenance and TPM in English

Maintenance and TPM Videos in Spanish
Videos de Mantenimiento y TPM!

Asset Management – a More Thorough Approach to Maintenance

A decade ago, a group of passionate maintenance professors compiled a book which turned into “The Bible” of the Professional maintainers.  It was called “Maintenance Excellence” and edited by John D. Campbell and Andrew K. S. Jardine.

Now the Second of these magnificent efforts has been published:

Asset Management Excellence 
Optimizing Equipment Life Cycle Decisions

Andrew Jardine dedicates a copy of Asset Management Excellence to Enrique Mora

 In the Picture, Andrew Jardine is dedicating a copy of this supreme piece of work to Enrique Mora TPMonLine CEO. 

 Follow our Articles and subjects by looking at the Site Map on the left Column here... In The New Structure of TPMonLine you will find the Index to hundreds of Articles.

Thank you for being with us, we really appreciate your visit!

"In this website I found fundamental Information for the development of my thesis project, besides I could contact Enrique directly, who kindly answered all of my questions clearly and promptly.
Thank you so much!"
Catalina Ossandón T.

"En este sitio encontré información fundamental para el desarrollo de mi proyecto de tesis, además, pude contactarme con Don Enrique, quien respondió cordialmente cada una de mis consultas con la mayor claridad posible y en un breve tiempo.
¡Muchísimas gracias!"

Catalina Ossandón T.





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