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Each New Day, Week, Month, and Year, brings time for reflecting on your personal goals and making self-improvements. It is also a great Opportunity to assess your current leadership skills, your strengths and weaknesses, and to set goals for making positive changes. Like your personal resolutions, i.e., losing weight, organizing your home, exercising, eating right, etc., leaders list their business resolutions too. 

Take a long and objective look at your job and examine where you are now and where you want to be at the end of this year. Review your job description and your evaluations, then write down resolutions along side of your personal resolutions. Compare each side; which are similar, which crossover and take the same principles of will power, determination and perseverance? Identify the obstacles and rewards. For each resolution, write specific goals and break those down into specific steps in detail so you have a concrete plan for each.

Practice Active Listening and Give Positive Feedback to my Family Practice Active Listening and Give Positive Feedback to my Team

I will Model the behavior I expect from others; Practice Honesty, politeness, perseverance, gratitude and Respect for others and their opinions.

Good Health at Home Good Health at Work 
Take better care of myself; eat right,  Exercise (gym?), get checkups.  Encourage my Team to be healthier; Give incentives  for healthier Lifestyles; update Vending Machine snacks.
Time Management at Home Time Management at Work  
No more rushing out the door. In the morning; get up 15 minutes Earlier; have a family planning Session to organize all schedules For improvements. Set homework times.

Time is your most valuable limited asset.  Can you use it better?  Where is it wasted: meetings, emails, phone calls.  Can you cut Down or eliminate? Start and finish projects on time. 
Give your Team clear guidelines and Help them to successful endings.

Rest and Relaxation Change of Scene at Work
Plan and take vacations and Long weekends. Get the entire Family involved. Recognize that your Team needs some Playtime.  Take mini-outings or have meetings in different Locations.  Encourage Team to use Their vacation time.
Look Good! Look Good at Work!
Buy new suits, dresses, shirts, etc. Stop wearing the old outdated Stuff.  Look sharp even on Casual Days.

Update the office – new furniture, pictures, etc.  Give the office a thorough cleaning.  Organize.


Learn More    Learn More About Your Industry
Read up about your hobby. Don’t have a hobby?, get one. It’s good for your mental health!

Read up about your industry.  You can find information about current And future trends.  Take a tech Related to your job duties so you’ll Be able to ask good questions and direction to your Team. Review your favorite books on Leadership and find new ones. It Will help motivate you and Sharpen your leadership skills.


Every New Day is a clean slate and ready for improvements at home and work. 

“Change... or do the same thing!”


If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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