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This is a question that has always seemed quite aggressive and in many cases somewhat offensive. Nosiness has not been considered tactful especially in the traditional way of thinking. Actually in order to transform it into a virtue we will rename nosiness. Let us call it "Involvement" and it is one of the key qualities required in today's competitive World in order for an organization to survive. When you start any activity, one key strategy will be that of surrounding yourself with trustworthy people who "care" for what the enterprise is committed to do.

Leadership is about having a shared thinking process where everyone in the organization is a stakeholder. Each individual, whatever their responsibility and function, must feel and BE empowered to really participate in the challenge represented by the Vision and Mission of the enterprise. 

That is why in the past, companies hired "employees", a name given to people whose job was to obey orders. Today, though, there is a recognition of the need of critical thinking by each individual and companies no longer can afford to hire "employees." Now what they need is "Associates", people who know that they are to share a part of the multiple opportunities that the enterprise will undertake. It is a different world, so the new answer to our Title Question is... 

It is MY Business too!

No entrepreneur should hire "obedient" or "submissive" employees at the time when they need for each associate to really pay attention not only to his own assignment, but also to everything that is going on inside and out of the business. People have an authentic desire for success and for being productive. People are searching for new and better ways of doing things and are challenging the old adage...  

"The way it has always been done".


In order to take advantage of all the creativity, ingenuity, good will, and intelligence of each and all of the associates, Management  need to be flexible as well. Top Management should take a completely new role in the process, looking for opportunities to help their people accomplish their individual and team goals. It is a revolution, but the rewards are Immense!

I have had the opportunity not only to witness but to help these efforts and the experience is simply Awesome. People grow so much at the expectation of top performance! The same individuals that once were apathetic, lazy, cold, distant, uninvolved, careless, now turn into engines for change and improvement. They are elated with the idea of being an Important part of the Success! People always perform better when the expectations are higher. This can be proven over and over. 

"We tend to live up to our expectations."

Earl Nightingale 

"You have to expect things of yourselves before you can do them."

Michael Jordan

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If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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