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STOP Chasing the Chickens!

There is a clear common sense concept agreed by many authors:  

“What you can’t Measure, You can’t Control.” 

It is totally true. Sometimes we would like to have some more control on the business, especially when things don’t seem to be working right. If we are talking about Maintenance, we may notice there has been a larger than usual incidence of failures or longer than acceptable downtimes blamed on equipment. These conditions reveal low reliability and maintainability. How Low? Most Maintenance organizations will not have a clear answer. 

They are probably still in “Chasing the Chickens” mode.  

We can definitely Help Change That! It is critical to know where your budget is going. The experts calculate that up to 80% of your maintenance cost goes to repeat a repair that did not solve a problem the first time. That 80% is not the limit of the cost to the enterprise. Add to that the cost of no-operation of the equipment! It also drags down the morale of your team! 

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