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Some of our most utilized services are Personal Presentations. You will probably agree:
Opening or Closing of Conferences, Congresses, and Summits require a memorable experience to stay with us and feel motivated to a following event. 
Here is where our services may become handy. Also you may consider using our training services in other ways: Training personnel in Manufacturing, Leadership, or Motivation Issues, Building Teams, Raising the Customer Service Bar, Integrating Vendors and Suppliers as Partners. We can help.

Improve Your Team's 
Professional Effectiveness with our eBooks

Take Advantage of our Experience

Enrique Mora, Associates, & Mentors

  • Are you satisfied with your Lean Manufacturing skills as of today? 

  • Are you getting all the results you expect from your efforts? 

  • Do you want to learn how to achieve more success with less effort?

  • Are you getting from everyone else all the support you need for your projects to succeed?

In the Lean Manufacturing profession there are only Three Kinds of people:

  • The Professor: Those who have read most of the books published on the subject and can give you a speech on the theoretical principles. They have all the knowledge, but often are not  able to transfer this knowledge to hands-on activities at work. I really admire the professors, and I have helped a lot of them to "Land the Lean Reality on The Plant Floor, where it belongs." They have also helped me understand many of the intricacies of Lean Manufacturing.

  • The Negatives: unfortunately the most populated category, is comprised of individuals that start to talk and praise the Lean principles. The problem is they do not really Think Lean or Act Lean. They obviously fail at any Implementation effort, and therefore become detractors of the Lean Culture. They are not willing to change. They are enamored with the old power structure and are not willing to give the new wave of Leadership a try. It is hard for them to discover the New Source of Power.

  • The Champions: Supported on their thorough knowledge of the basics of Lean, they analyze each situation and are able to produce in only one Kaizen Blitz the results that will create confidence and spread gradually all over the plant. They study the strategy that better fits in each case and do whatever it takes to make things happen. I consider myself one of these privileged individuals and want to share all the multiple key ingredients with you. You sure can become a Champion, if you have the will, the patience and the valor. I will give you all the clues and a continual mentorship.

My first contact with the industry in 1957 was not a pleasant one. I was an engineering student and needed the job bad. So, just as many people who I have been meeting along my career, I simply got myself adapted to the working conditions and put up with the poor management style of my boss. (Excuse the bad word).

Definitely, that was a very different scenario than my current activity as a successful consultant with 100% of satisfactory customer results under my belt. In more than 50 years that I have been in the industry, things have changed for the good all over the world, and my professional life has been no exception.

In my collection of e-Manuals that you will be able to access instantly anytime, you will discover all the fine details that can establish the difference between success and failure for any Lean Manufacturing project. 

Please click on these titles to read the details of each: 

The Power of Kaizen Events

TPM Practical Implementation Guide Book

The Keys to Lean Manufacturing Implementation

These e-Manuals contain not only my personal experiences, but also those of my many mentors who have shared them with me over all these years. The knowledge and practical advice that you will find in these e-Manuals is not in any syllabus of any University program. There is no book that brings you all this wealth of information. You will not find it in any one the millions of books that our associate Amazon offers. These are the nuts and bolts of the real solutions required by today's industry. They will take the reader by the hand, step by step in the completion of a good implementation.

Whatever your product or service, you will be able to benefit from this big time. When you win the Platinum Membership, you will have unlimited access to all of our e-Manuals and to our net-meetings as well as unlimited emails to clarify any doubts and to solve some particular problems in your facility.

Present and Future of your Lean success are now just a few clicks away. Not only you get unlimited access to the e-Manuals that we already have online, but these manuals are continuously being improved and updated, and some new will be added, every few months all the time.

I was confused myself when I started the 
Journey to Lean Manufacturing.  

For years I had been hearing of the progress that companies in Asia were achieving from the Kaizen Culture and the Toyota Production System. I read a good number of books written by knowledgeable authors and the results they mentioned were staggering for me. I wanted to get on board of this progressive trend, but did not find an easy way to do it. A Cuban engineer: Manuel Martínez de Castro, who mentored me for more than 10 years, one day gave me a series of quite clear explanations about several concepts including, without him knowing it, the essence of Kaizen.

It was a breakthrough in my career. Then came years of practice in the Sugar Industry, Auto Assembly, Foundry, Machining, Electronics, Mining, Metal-Mechanics, Food, Computer Assembly, Glass, Plastics, Petrochemical, and many others.

One of the most impressive changes in my life was the Dale Carnegie Course. That course changed my life for the good and for good. That series of wise concepts helped me do something many of us find difficult and at times impossible. Transferring the knowledge, the understanding, and the passion to others. 

The threat of Power Loss:
During all my years as a consultant I have interviewed with literally hundreds of knowledgeable people. I can even remember some of my professors at the Instituto Politécnico in Mexico. Common place is the wrong idea that the knowledge we can horde makes us powerful. This is very far from the truth. 

Knowledge is like money, but Better Than Money!

Unless it moves from one to another "owner" it does not generate any wealth. The advantage of knowledge over money is that when you give your money to others, you benefit from the transaction but end up not seeing your money anymore, while knowledge "multiplies spontaneously", the more we share it the more we get form others, without losing ours!

Having discovered this fact, I am determined to share all my knowledge and experiences, just as all my mentors have. I know I will be acquiring more of it and more experiences mean more satisfaction. Each time that I start a workshop I make sure to tell the participants in advance that I am there to learn from them, and it is absolutely true.

Membership is a good thing, you become the Co-Owner of all our more than 400 years of accumulated knowledge. Membership implies some commitment, you become committed to succeed in your implementation efforts and share it with us and other members. Don't take this wrong. Even without being a Member, you will be able to learn a lot from our websites without ever buying or paying anything.

Free Presentations in any of our subjects. Simply Click Here and you will immediately find access to many PowerPoint Presentations that you can read and share with others on any of our subjects. These presentation are a part of the materials we use in our training and consulting sessions. They are here for you, free of charge, and with no strings attached. 

This is how the Preferred Membership works with our Ebooks:  

Your One Time in a Lifetime Contribution is a minimal investment to show that you are serious about supporting this effort that will be beneficial for all of us. 

For just $ 9.99 you get access to your first eManual. 
You become a "Basic Member." If you work on a practical implementation and send us a case-study (Including Before and After Pictures and 300-500 words) that we find to be a Good, Encouraging, Useful example that other members will find of Interest, we will publish it and you turn into a 
"Practitioner Member", at no additional cost you earn access to a second eManual and gain Access to Upgrading.

Gaining Platinum Upgrade! 

If you have a New Success Story, You send it to us, we publish it and you become an "Advanced Practitioner Member" and have the opportunity to turn into a "Platinum Member" with an Upgrade Fee of just $ 9.99.

The Platinum Membership Features:

Features Your
You Save

Direct access to all our eManuals Presentation Materials and monthly Web-Meetings

  $ 19.98

2 Continuous update in the eManuals and Materials Free $20.00
3 Direct access to all the Case Studies submitted by all the members  Free
4 Open Access to Personalized eMail and Telephone Questions and Answers Free $150.00
5 Cash Bonus* of $5.00 for each person you invite and registers (sponsored member) as a Basic Member You Make Money!
6 Cash Bonus* of $ 10.00 for each of your sponsored members who upgrades to Platinum Member You Make Money!

More Benefits will be Constantly Added depending on the number of members.

Of Course, you can also buy each of the products individually in our Products Selection

Click here to email me...

If you find our free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together
one on one!

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