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How can Our 3 M’s Strategy help you
Achieve World Class Performance?  


The purpose that a large number of entrepreneurs have in mind is the competitive excellence that represents "World Class." This means being at the height of the best competitors that exist in our industry or specialty.  

Some people may believe that in order to succeed in World Class implementation you need to be a very large company, the reality is that a small or medium-sized company can accomplish this more easily. 

Analyzing in detail many cases of Companies that have worked hard for this excellence in performance, I have been able to discover that the majority of them have failed. Some have an excellent Asset Management system thanks to having implemented World Class Maintenance, but their manufacturing systems are not effective or current enough. Others have put their focus on manufacturing and achieved excellent quality and advanced Lean Production systems, but the plant does not have the essential level of reliability, which reduces their efficiency and effectiveness because it increases their cost. The third concept that greatly affects the majority of companies is a management system based on the conventions from the past Century. 

As a conclusion: it is essential to expand our vision of the business and pay simultaneous attention to three factors: Management, Maintenance, and Mission Accomplishment Excellence - (either Service Delivery or Products Manufacturing).  

It is easier to achieve World-Class stature if we can establish a careful balance of these three factors which we have called "The 3 M's".  

Every single time I have the opportunity of giving production operators and/or maintenance technicians some training courses, I find myself with a crucial question from the participants: 

"Will our management group also take the course?" 

This is a call that I invariably convey to managers that have not been present (unfortunately most), in the training courses. 

This is why our “3 M's Strategy" emphasizes the importance of upgrading Management Systems in the first place. Only with a general atmosphere of True Leadership can we have progress on the other aspects of the Enterprise. Besides, this synchronization will ease most of the hurdles we have to jump when only one or two of the three are being done. 

Please read: "Introduction to the 3 M’s strategy"  

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