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What is Your
Maintenance Cost?

or is it Your
Cost of No Maintenance?

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I have been amazed to discover that most companies do not have an acceptable answer when they are asked this question.

The reality is that the Maintenance activity has been traditionally overlooked.  As a result, many companies do not have a plan to: measure, analyze, reduce, or eliminate the big losses they may have in that area, and obviously they can do nothing about it.

Maintenance has most of the time been considered just as a “necessary cost of doing business” by many enterprises; therefore, it is only a source of Cost and Expenditure. Of course it directly affects the bottom line; since its cost is deducted from the Profits the Company should have made.

In these competitive times Maintenance is a Critical Component of the Operation, thus it deserves and needs to be observed more in detail.

  • When there are Good Maintenance Practices in place, the Reliability of a plant is improved. Failure stoppages are a rare occurrence and everyone trusts on the Productivity. Cost is under control.
  • When there is not good reliability, it is not noticed until something fails. At that time, the failure will be accepted as a “natural” thing. Deterioration and degrading of equipment have been something that is taken as the normal performance.
  • Maintenance Best Practices include a higher level of education and awareness of everyone about the importance of equipment preservation.
  • When there is not enough involvement or knowledge, many people believe that even if there is a noticeable abnormality, “it is not their job” to tell anyone or do something about it.
  • A well maintained facility is a positive influence in: the quality of the products, the safety of the people, the morale of personnel, the endurance of equipment, and the profitability of the Company.
  • When Maintenance is not done at World-Class levels, equipment can cause: reduced quality, unsafe conditions, concerns and uncertainty, rapid wear and tear of equipment, reduction in the profits, which affects everyone.
  • When a Planned Maintenance takes place: Most tasks are accomplished in a timely manner; Equipment is kept in optimal condition; production is completed within schedule.
  • Without a planned and scheduled maintenance: Emergency Corrective Maintenance takes most of the labor and cost; Equipment deteriorates and decays; Productivity is not certain or timely. Maintenance is in constant rush mode.

A GOOD Maintenance system is your best ally and turns into a source of income when your equipment and facility are taken to a top performance level. Join the select group of progressive enterprises where Productivity and peace of mind allow for Management to focus more on new advances and have Fewer Chronic Problems.

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