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Upgrading and Updating Your OEE to Include Utilization
 Enrique Mora

Measuring is always a key activity to get real information on the performance of your operation. The quality of your Maintenance Program is measured by a parameter named “Overall Equipment Effectiveness.” Surprisingly there are companies with OEES below 50%! This means they could get twice the profits and results. Problem: They don’t even know it.  

If you are not measuring OEE, it is important that you consider doing it as soon as possible. Your organization needs that to be at the edge of the competition bench. Only with this continuous measure you can tell how efficiently you are utilizing your material and technology resources. 

OEE is the essence of Maintenance Performance and it includes not only the activity of the Maintenance Area of Responsibility. In today’s enterprise, everyone at every level must be committed to bringing the effectiveness of the plant to the highest effectiveness possible. Any losses in Availability, Performance, or Quality will affect the productivity of the organization as a whole. This was the way to measure it the past Century, but it is not sufficient at this extremely competitive time: One newer consideration has been added to those three factors: It is “Utilization.”  

In reality it does not do you much good to have excellent factors in the Availability, Performance, and Quality delivered by your equipment if all that is not utilized optimally. Utilization needs to be always considered, measured, and optimized. 

Companies aiming at World-Class performance need to grow every associate’s awareness in the direction of maximum utilization. Sometimes the creativity and development of new products helps increase this Utilization.  

Operators, Engineers, Administrators, and all stakeholders should be in continuous contact with their plant environment to discover any idling piece of equipment, because those assets are costing, using space, devaluating, obsoleting, despite of being or not utilized. Use the analogy of the muscles: if you don’t use it, you lose it! A non-operating or sub-utilized machine or system is like stagnated money or raw material: It is losing value by the minute. 

We have been helping companies increase their OEE for more than 40 years now, but the new concept of Utilization needs to be addressed if you want to achieve optimal results. We will gladly evaluate your OEE for free. 

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