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Why are we your Option Number One? because you will find in this website all the Information you need for a Thorough and Successful TPM Implementation. Also, results of our Services are Money Back Guaranteed!

World – Class Maintenance Certification  

For more than 30 years we have lived the intense changes that the different industries are facing. New technologies, faster processes, continuous market adjustments, Creative Competition, shorter Profit Margins, make it Important for any Individual or Enterprise to analyze ways and options for remaining competitive and advance their knowledge and take advantage of their current resources and expertise. 

Our World – Class Maintenance Certification is comprised of the most current concepts on: 

*      Basic Concepts on the Maintenance Profession 

*      Are you really a fit for this career? 

*      Background necessary to fulfill present and future requirements 

*      What is wrong with Breakdown Maintenance? 

*      Preventive Maintenance and its Optimization 

*      Reliability Centered Maintenance 

*      TPM – Total Productive Maintenance and TPR – Total Process Reliability 

*      Condition Based Maintenance 

*      PAS 55 and ISO 55000 bringing Optimal Reliability to the Critical Equipment 

*      More to be added as it keeps evolving – at NO Extra Charge 

*      Certification is issued by Lean Expertise Institute with more than 30 years of proven success in the training and implementation of Maintenance professionals.  

Who would Want or Need Certification?                                    

*      Anyone who is current in information and realizes the need to keep their skills  up to the present and future challenges 

*      The Companies willing to stay in the forefront of World-Class 

*      Professionals in Maintenance who are aware of the trends and want to remain competitive 

*      People of all trades who want to be prepared for new opportunities which are emerging inside and out of their Organization 

*      People looking at a Career Change and see Maintenance as the attractive alternative 

*      Managers and other executives who although not being direct Maintenance practitioners, feel the need to know what are the new trends and how they can provide the support to their technicians and companies. 

How long does it take? 

*      Depending on their previous skills and knowledge participants in this World – Class Maintenance Certification Program can complete the process anywhere from 4 to 16 weeks. 

*      Each lesson takes an evaluation that puts the participant on the next.  

*      A full time employee will likely do one lesson per week. 

*      The lesson includes written and video information and takes in average One Hour, and then there is a commitment to practice the subject for a week before the participant will present the evaluation. Then the next lesson is given to them. Persons with previous knowledge and experience will qualify for a faster pace, completing the evaluation one or two days (at their choice), after the lesson 

*      Lessons require practical implementation and the report of results to the Lean Expertise Institute. 

What is the Cost of the Certification Program? 

*      At this time we have a special promotion with 45% savings! 

*      Payments are$100.00 per lesson RIGHT NOW only $ 55.00 per lesson, usually one lesson per week. 

*      After week 16 the general evaluation with a One on One Videoconference that will last one hour, is at No Cost, and the certificate is sent via Secure Mail all over the World. 

*      To get started Participants make a deposit for the last three lessons and pay one lesson per week after that until week 13, since the final 3 weeks are already paid for. 

*      This SPECIAL PRICE is good only for people who register IMMEDIATELY after reading this promotion. 

*      Your Registration gives you up to 60 days to pay and get started and the special price will be sustained throughout the whole Certification Course. If by the limit of 60 days you decide not to take it, there will be no charge, but no special price either. 

What do you get? 

1.       The most complete and thorough training you can get anywhere! 

2.       Total LIFETIME Support to any Maintenance questions or Issues! 

3.       A written and a video lesson each week 

4.       An evaluation each week with timely recommendations to excel 

5.       A thorough examination n at the end of the 16 weeks, and after approval… 

6.       A Wall Certificate with registry of evaluations that anyone authorized by the participant can consult.

Certificate Sample

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