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The First Day of
TPM Implementation…
Enrique Mora 

Many people have asked me this interesting question: 

What do you do the First day of TPM Implementation? 

I have elaborated here a schedule for that First Day:  

STEP 1- TPM Implementation is a long and serious process, one critical concept is the Total Involvement. This means there is a need for everyone in the enterprise to get the this brief but very important 15 to 20 minute presentation people will learn that achieving Total Productive Maintenance is a Goal for each and everyone of them. They All will benefit from this Management decision. They All have the opportunity to be the Supporters of this initiative which will bring the company to a much higher Performance. Obviously the company will become more Competitive and Profitable. 

TPM is Not a Book; it does not come in a box or drum.
Neither is It something that you can just plug and play.



Very Good News:

All the ingredients required to have a successful implementation are already there.
They are in the minds of each and every associate, operator, technician, administrator, leader or manager.  
They are called: Intelligence, Creativity, Objectivity, Common Sense and Good Will.  

The Implementation process consists of organizing, motivating, and combining all those excellent human resources for the improvement of results that everyone needs in order to help preserve our job security now and in the future. 

STEP 2 - After the announcement, the consultant must have a first opportunity to visit the facility and talk to some of the people on the floor, taking notes of their observations and their first ideas.

STEP 3 - Then, a meeting with the leadership group is critical, to have everyone understand and support the activities that are about to take place.

STEP 4 - Finally, the last activity of the first day is to meet with the Pilot Team and, after explaining the action plan, visit along with them the Pilot Area

The Pilot Area has usually been chosen because of the high number of opportunities that it may represent. It is usually a machine or area that has been experiencing unacceptable down-times or operational failures, which turn into low reliability, product defects, a slow production flow, or a combination of these conditions.

Generally, the Pilot Area will offer the ideal “campus” for the Team to start developing the detection skills that will turn all of them into the “Change Agents,” who will bring that Pilot Area to a higher performance all the time. 

The following days... After that, a series of classroom and hands-on sessions will start triggering improvements that accumulate and consistently help increase the performance and reliability, while all the team members feel stronger all the time

It sounds easy, right? The process will Not be so easy, but with the right discipline and techniques the Pilot project will be a success. It will be the Showcase and example that everyone will follow in the near future. The choice of participants in the Pilot Team is a key element of that success. 

We always recommend bringing into that team a good representation of the plant population. If there are women at work in the organization, we should have an equal proportion in the team.

Then, include as many people from Maintenance as you can afford; we understand if some of them may not be in TPM action the whole time, because they may need to pay attention to some plant issues.

We must have a selected group of production personnel; some with seniority and some fresh thinkers as well.

Also one or two associates from administrative areas will add to the quality of the Pilot Team.

We also need to include one individual who has been showing interest on developing professionally and may qualify as TPM Coordinator.

Finally consider having at least one leader or manager who will team up most of the time during the 1 to 2 weeks launching workshop. 

Closing of the Launching Workshop: 

This 1-hour function is a vital reafirmation of the event. It MUST be attended by as many members of the Top Leadership of the Company as possible. In this session the participants of the Pilot Team will present their findings and achievements, and the managers will have the opportunity to measure the potential of the improvements. A mutual commitment will surge and the “buy-in” will spontaneously happen.

Certificates of participation must be delivered to each participant. Avoid titles like Mr, Engineer, Doctor or others. 

My best wishes to you for a successful launching. The results will be strictly dependent on the bright, noise, and success of this first event. 


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