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ISO-55000 - The New Asset Management Standard - Are you ready to derive Benefits from it?

PAS-55 The New World-Standard for Optimal Reliability of Critical Assets

PAS-55 Nuevo Estándar Internacional para Optimizar La Confiabilidad de Los Activos más Críticos


Enrique Mora

Avoid Stoppages Even if you Do Not Have a Maintenance Department

Evite Paros en Planta, ¡Aún si No Tiene Un Departemanteo de Mantenimiento!


Enrique Mora

Do you Really Know your Cost of Maintenance Today?
or is it Cost of NO Maintenance?

¿Realmente sabe usted su Costo de Mantenimiento? o es su ¿Costo de NO Mantenimiento?


Enrique Mora

How did we help a Corrugated Cardboard facility reach a Lowest Waste Record?

¿Cómo ayudamos a una planta de Cartón Corrugado a alcanzar un Récord de Merma Mínima?


Enrique Mora
Feel Proud but NOT Satisfied!
Enrique Mora

What Can WE (You and Us), do for your Company?

¿Qué Podemos Hacer (Usted y Nosotros) por su Empresa?


Enrique Mora
Programa para Desarrollar y Optimizar Habilidades del Personal y Calidad de Servicio en Hoteles Enrique Mora

Is Leadership Really Indispensable?

Only if you want Sustainability!


Enrique Mora

Our Autonomous Maintenance Program

Nuestro Programa de Mantenimiento Autónomo



Inventory or NOT Inventory - That is the Question - JIT is the answer - Kanban is the Tool

Inventario o No Inventario es la Pregunta - JIT es la Respuesta - Kanban es la Herramienta


Enrique Mora
Consultoría Directa vía Videoconferencia - Sólo paga una fracción del tiempo ¡Grandes Resultados!

OnLine Consulting Via Internet, a new concept with Great Results


Enrique Mora
Problem Resolution? or Just a Remedy... Enrique Mora
Have your Plant Run Like a Clock to deliver JIT Enrique Mora

Arriving to the Optimal Takt Time for your Factory Logrando un Tiempo Takt Ideal para su Planta


Enrique Mora
McDonald's The American Phenomenon Part 2 - Never Be Satisfied! Enrique Mora
McDonald's The American Phenomenon Part 1 - Basics of the Strategy Enrique Mora
Kaizen at Language Line Services - Recent Case Study in Progress Enrique Mora
Problem Resolution Techniques Enrique Mora

Change the Changeable,
Accept the Unchangeable,
and Detach from the Unacceptable

¡Cambie lo Cambiable,
Acepte lo Incambiable y Aléjese de lo Inaceptable!


Enrique Mora
CERTIFICATION of Maintainability, Operability, and Reliability Enrique Mora

CHECK ENGINE Light - Nasty Visual System

Luz "CHECH ENGINE" un Fraude que Cuesta Millones


Enrique Mora

Simplification: Not So Simple

Simplificación: No Tan Simple


Enrique Mora

Wagoneer's Resignation After Ditching General Motors

La Renuncia de Wagoner después de Arruinar a General Motors


Enrique Mora

SMED Implementation Step by Step! 1

SMED Implementation Step by Step! 2


Enrique Mora
The Cost Of Doing or Not Doing "Our Best" Enrique Mora
El Costo de No Hacer Nuestro Mejor Esfuerzo

Enrique Mora 


Build a Leadergram or Leadership Chart Instead of an Organigram or Organization Chart, then turn your "Depart-ments" into Areas of Joined Responsibility

Enrique Mora


Strategic Process Improvement 1 and 2 - NEW -

Donna McCoy

Lean Process in the Evolution of
Batteries for Electric Cars

Mediante Kaizén Evolucionan las Baterías para Automóviles Eléctricos

Enrique Mora

Michael Phelps... Is he Guilty?

¿Michael Phelps es Culpable?

Enrique Mora

The Real Solution to Cost Reduction

La Solución Real de Reducción del Costo

Enrique Mora

Kaizen Knowledge for Effective Lean Management - A "Missing Link?"

Conocimiento Kaizen Para una Gerencia Esbelta Efectiva

Enrique Mora

Kaizen and Lean Disciplines for Service Organizations and Institutions

Implementación de los Principios de Manufactura Esbelta en Empresas e instituciones de Servicios

Enrique Mora


WIP - Sigakari Work In Process is Damaging!

Enrique Mora


The Definition of "Quality"

Enrique Mora


Fujio Cho an Authentic Leader

Enrique Mora


SixSigma Basics CTQ's

Enrique Mora


How to Face the Challenges of Today's Slow Business?

Enrique Mora


The Purpose and Benefits of Implementing Lean Manufacturing

Enrique Mora


Lean Manufacturing Certification

Certificación Lean


MORA Intl.


FIFO or FISH? Materials not Utilized Timely can become a Major Loss

Enrique Mora


VSM- Value Stream Mapping - A Diagnostic Tool to Improve Processes.


Enrique Mora


¿Cómo Definir Factores Clave de Desempeño -KPI-s?

How to Define Your KPIs - Key Performance Indicators

Enrique Mora


SWOTT an Exercise That Can Change The Future of Your Business and Your Life!

Enrique Mora


Purpose and Benefits of Lean Manufacturing Implementation

Enrique Mora


What can KILL your Lean Manufacturing Initiative?

Enrique Mora


One Piece Flow OPF the Most Efficient Production Process

Enrique Mora


POUS - Point of Use Storage - a key element in One Piece Flow Manufacturing

Enrique Mora


Lean Manufacturing Self-Assessment - ARE WE THERE YET? - OR AT LEAST IN THE RIGHT PATH?


Balanced Score Card Basics

Elementos Básicos de una "Balanced Score Card" o "Tarjeta Equilibrada de Resultados"

Bill Gaw


5S Assignment Chart - The tool for the 5th S

Mapa de Asignación de Tareas 5S

Mike Wroblewski


4 Basic Structural Elements for Success in Lean Implementation.- Isidoro Mata's advice

Enrique Mora


How about a Serious Steering Committee?

Enrique Mora


The Kolbe and Kolbe Role Model to Successful Lean Implementation

Tom Hammel


SLIM Manufacturing - the new generation of strategies to succeed in the Global Competition Challenge

Enrique Mora


The Eight Deadly Wastes that have Killed Thousands of Manufacturers in America and all over the World

José García


5S Flexible and Adaptable to any task to implement 
Lean Manufacturing

Enrique Mora


Las 5S Flexibles y Adaptables en la Implementación de Manufactura Esbelta

Enrique Mora

Best Practices: Metaldyne's 5S Showcase

Rick L. Carter

Lean Manufacturing? YES! You can...

E. Mora/ D.Conrad


Success in the Lean Implementation Journey


Leaders Wanted... Bosses Not Needed

Se Necesitan Líderes... No Se Necesitan "Jefes"

Bob Schultz


The Strength of Follow Up, 
Prevent Failure of your Lean Efforts!

El Poder del Seguimiento, 
¡Evite el Fracaso de sus Esfuerzos de Manufactura Esbelta!

Enrique Mora


Zero Quality Control - Jidoka - Autonomous Quality

Enrique Mora


Why do Companies fail? More Keys to Implement TPM or Lean

¿Por Qué Fracasamos al Implementar? Más Claves de Éxito para Implementar TPM o Disciplinas Esbeltas

Enrique Mora

Lean Manufacturing Basics 

Free Powerpoint Presentations

Elementos de Manufactura Esbelta

Enrique Mora


The Eight Wastes in Manufacturing

Los Ocho Desperdicios en Manufactura

Enrique Mora


JIT Just in Time JIT

Justo a Tiempo

Enrique Mora


New Practices, How to compete

Nuevas Prácticas, ¿Cómo competir?

Preston Ingalls


The New Lean Manager Plant Walkthrough

El Recorrido a la Planta del Nuevo Ejecutivo Esbelto

Enrique Mora


Kaizen: Continuous Improvement

Mejoramiento Contínuo 

Enrique Mora


SURVEY: How is Your Plant's Environment?

ENCUESTA: ¿Qué tal está el Ambiente en su Planta?

Enrique Mora


The Real Y2K Bug!

El Verdadero Virus del Año 2000!

Enrique Mora


The 5S Philosophy, hands on!

La Filosofía de las 5 S's ¡Manos a la Obra!

Todd Skaggs


W. Edwards Deming
Sus "14 Sugerencias " Gerenciales cambiaron la historia de Japón y del Mundo y Siguen Vigentes

Enrique Mora


William Edwards Deming, his 14 Recommendations that changed the History of Japan and the World and are still current.

Enrique Mora


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