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Author Leadership Survey:
How Good or Bad is the Environment in Your Plant?

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Some times we are so busy looking at products, raw materials, machines and the financial aspects of our plants that we may overlook some also vital aspects.

This is a survey, not a test, it is only for your objectives. It is always good for you to feel how your company is doing in terms of:

  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Quality
  • Productivity

You may have your personal evaluation in those terms, perhaps it is impressive! Now, dare to give this to some of your people, not only those who are very close to you or have positive attitudes. I am sure you may learn a lot about the image that your employees have of the company. I hope you are interested, because those companies where this is irrelevant will disappear very soon.

Use a letter size piece of paper and ask them to fill it out without their names. Ask them for any additional comments as well. You do not need their names but their feelings.

In our work place, the following table is representative of the value that we consider is right for each of the concepts at the Head of the Columns

Mark an X on the appropriate cells. Leadership
A Skill of some people
An Attitude of some people
A Result or Consequence         
Our General Work Place Environment or a part of it        

Creativity is usually a result of a Leadership environment where everybody feels free to share their ideas and they know they will be listened to. If the Creativity is a common place through all the organization so it becomes an environment, then the Quality must be a good value as well, and Productivity is present in their minds at all times.

A company where these four concepts can be found as a skill, attitude, result and a part of the environment, is the ideal place to succeed. Congratulations!

If there are at least some people who selected all or more than 50% of the cells, you may have created the right place to work. Next month we will analize different situations and real life cases. Please write an email about your findings in these concepts. 

Use the feedback feature in this website.

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