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Bob Schultz

Leaders Wanted - 
Bosses Not Needed 

A Leader 
Without A Vision 
Is Only A Boss

(Bosses Not Needed in 
World Class Business)

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No more Helicopters landing in the parking lot because you aren’t shipping on time.  Or how about 3 years between mean time failures.  

Dr. William Edwards Deming, American statistician and philosopher, said: 

“Poor management is OK, if you are the only game in town.”  

Einstein said: 

“Insanity is: doing the same thing, the same way, 
but expecting different results.” 


·   In Maintenance today 1/3 of the Billions spent ARE WASTED! 

·   The average age of maintenance is 45-55 years old, most 
 Journeymen & masters are retired.

·   You will have to start growing your own tradesmen, as most apprenticeship programs have been abandoned.

·   World Class Maintenance can improve productivity by 100% to 200%, and employee morale can increase as suggestions increase by 200%.

·   Ideas of a well-run team will far outdistance those of any individual or BOSS 

Any road will you travel will get you NOWHERE. 

 You MUST see your trip, your destination in your mind’s eye (your internal lamp) before you can begin or just be content to forever stumble around in the dark. 

Why do some companies have a lot of downtime from machinery breakdowns and other companies don’t?  I once read in a trade magazine about a company in Florida that had over 99% uptime. 

In which company do you think that the employees are happier? 
In which company is there less stress?  
Is it the company where the equipment is always breaking down or is it the company that has the 99% uptime that I read about.  
Which company would you want to work for?  
Would it be the company with the equipment that breaks down or the company with 99% uptime.

The Difference...

What do you think is the major difference in companies that seem to be doing things right?  The research that I have done over the years indicates it is:

1. Not the size of the company

2. Not the product of the company

3. Not the ratio of maintenance craftsmen per direct labor

4. Not the latest technical gadget 

The one common thread seems to be GREAT LEADERSHIP WITH A VISION.  IT IS A PEOPLE THING.  True Leadership is assumed, not granted.  A World Class Company demands World Class Leaders with a Vision.  These leaders must be passionately committed to the cause or they will not draw much commitment from others.  

One does not have to be a BOSS to be a leader. In fact they might not always be in the same person.  The world is hungry for someone to step forward that knows where he is going.  A leader is a person who has a destination.  He has a plan, a road map. He has seen tomorrow and knows how to get there.  A leader knows that not all of the stoplights have to be green before he can leave the garage.   

Become World Class!

A World Class Leader is not afraid to move forward by stepping away from command and control leadership to more employee empowerment.  After all who knows more about the job than the man who is doing it. 

Most importantly the leader stands ready to fight off the evil bureaucracy that will try to drain the lifeblood out of revolutionary ideas. 

As the vision begins to move forward you must focus on results.  Pick one machine to begin with and go for it with all you have and all you can muster.  Do not try to reinvent the wheel, but do use any idea that you can borrow from some other successful plan, company, program or person. 

Continue to keep score of your successes.  Post them so everyone can see the before and after results.  Focus your attention on the vision.  Remember, you can really only focus on one thing at a time.

The characteristics of momentum are:

1.  It has a boundless VISION and commitment to excellence.

2.  It is unwavering in the pursuit of a vision - a goal.

3.  It has passion, which knows no limits.

4.  It is single-minded - go for the results.

5.  It is teamwork - get others to join you.

6.      It demands a concentrated intensity and a definite sense of destiny.

7.      If we wait for our fears to disappear before we start, we will never begin.


1.     The people who build World Class Companies.

2.     The changes that people make happen.

3.     The people who support the changes to make it happen.

4.     The people who endure the pain that come with change.

5.     The strong leaders who rise up and stand firm during the rough times that always come with change.

6.     The urgency that these people show battling through change.



I know from experience that a company cannot reach world class status without good leadership, and good people.  These work together to create the culture change which must happen to become a World Class Maintenance Department.

I know it can only be done with change.  Culture change doesn’t happen until someone feels the deep down gut wrenching force to go for it and to embrace the vision.

Change does not come about quickly or easily.  Picture change as a ship on the ocean.  Because of it’s massive size it requires a long time to turn the ship around.  The size of the rudder is so small when compared to the big ship.  But we all know these small rudders do turn the big ships.    As the leader of change you must keep the program moving, to do what must be done. Once you begin you cannot quit.  You must see it through to completion.   

So - this is all about vision, leadership, and action.  In the end will be victory! 

Victory comes from strong effort.   Victory comes long before you have reached the goal.  You have seen the result in your mind long before you have seen the physical evidence.

"OUR VISION is that today’s Maintenance Department shall be tomorrow's Capacity Assurance Department."      Terry Wireman       








Proverbs 29:18


The TPMonLine Group thanks Bob Schultz his sharing this article with us. It is very enlightening and in agreement with the TPM and Lean Manufacturing philosophies.  
Enrique Mora

You can find this article Interesting: What is it to You?




Recommended reading: Leading from the Heart: Choosing to Be a Servant Leader its author Jack Kahl shares how he managed to build a business worth more than $300 million, Manco Inc., and still maintain an ethical, character-driven leadership style. Kahl makes it clear that you can unite ethics and a bottom line, while still being successful. The best thing about this book is that Kahl's leadership style isn't a gimmick. He really wants to be successful, but he knows that those accomplishments are more lucrative, and feel better, if the people around him are successful too. This book teaches you to be a better leader, better business person, and a better human being.


Leaders Wanted -  Bosses Not Needed

If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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