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  Improving Quality in Customer Service

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In today's competitive marketplace, we do have to take care of our customers or else some competitor will. When I wrote the article "Customer Service Is The Question!" a few months ago, one of our readers in Spain, emailed me his frustration because his employees could not understand the real importance of the subject. After some questions of my own, I could give him the guidelines for a very good process that I will share with you here.

OK, you understand that Customer service is important. But how can we get all of our employees to make our customers feel well treated?

As a mater of fact, nobody can give others what he or she does not have. Quality customer care is the result of employee happiness. If our employees do not take the business as if it was theirs, very little will their interest be in paying attention to what the customer expects from the business. Developing this required attitude is not just a training task. We do have to create the right environment. Our company has to move to the new culture.

We can't expect a distressed employee to behave in a very positive way, right? So, let us focus first on the series of factors that can produce the appropriate environment.

Leadership and Ownership: As we have seen in several articles here, it is very important to create this environment where everybody feels relaxed, respected, valuable, listened to, and over all that he or she is the responsible owner of his or her operation.  

Security: In the past, it was a common place in many companies to keep people working hard subjugated to the fear of being fired or punished. Such supervisors or managers are not needed any more. Today we need happy employees, who feel secure and who know what has to be done and are allowed to do it their way as long as they accomplish the right results, in the right time. They participate actively in the design or adjustment of the process and feel proud of contributing with their creativity and good will to continual, unlimited  improvements. Hence, the job is done in a natural, humorous way.

Cleanliness and Orderliness: Following the simple principles of the 5S philosophy, people learn the joy, satisfaction and pride of a clean and orderly workplace.

Follow Up!: All of these minor conditions, once accomplished, have to receive a follow up from the supervision and management levels in order to keep the improvements in place and also learn if there are more new ideas to improve even more. With this step, the new culture becomes an standard and everyone is comfortable with it.

Under such conditions, all your employees will have a clear image of their role in the operation of your business, you will practically not have to tell them how important it is to deliver their best service and to listen to the customers and learn what they are expecting. Now, the employees  know first hand, what it is like to be respected, understood and listened to.  

Here is a link to our Suggestions and Feedback page. Please let us know how can we improve our service to you. Thanks for visiting TPMonLine

Recommended Book: The Customer Rules.

Article on Basic Customer Service

If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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