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  Waste of Resources and Effort in the Training Process

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Enrique Mora

Through my professional practice (more than 40 years), as it would be expected, I have accumulated some experience. The last few years, though, I have pinpointed a problem that affects most companies all over the world.

Why is There Waste?

From all the efforts and resources put into training, up to 80% are totally lost in a few weeks. From the remaining 20%, not all are really applied to the maximum performance. Here are my conclusions about the causes for this phenomenon and how we can reduce that important loss.

Theory is Not The Solution

Most companies have a wrong perception about implementing new disciplines, especially those that represent cultural changes. That is the case of the Lean Manufacturing disciplines, which are our specialty. There is the idea that by getting some of the key people to learn some theories, the magic will make the rest, and the results will start showing up. Unfortunately it is not that easy.  That, in itself makes people and companies arrive to some myths like: "This discipline does not apply to our company"... We already tried to implement it, but it does not work"... "Those disciplines do not match our culture"... and many others. 

Leadership is Indispensable!

Another concept that contributes to failure is the reluctance of the traditional power groups to empowering people so they will start making more decisions and taking more responsibilities on their own. It is required that all the involved, from presidency to the medium management levels understand these changes as a part of the natural evolution in the business world. The continually renewed leadership environment is what will provide the company with a competitive edge in this ever-changing world.

Without those changes, new failed intentions keep building up and companies keep losing opportunities to evolve as their great competitors do.  Meanwhile, huge volumes of manuals and sophisticated diplomas accumulate and grab dust on the shelves and drawers of the executives and other organization members' offices without achieving the company’s goals and adding to the list of what should not have been done.

As a result, by mere common sense, our directors and finance executives become allergic to new efforts of training and even more to hiring external consulting services. Of course! because the history is that those concepts have meant expense and not investment.

Change the Training Tone

It is necessary for us to start changing the training process. Less theory and more practice will make a big difference. Less formality in the training process and friendlier environment. Less theories and formulas and more live experiences. Less of the classic concepts that make the new disciplines look unreachable or even mythic. This is the time to jump on board and develop new concepts that will bring the training where it is needed: right on the floor. Let us stop wasting the most valuable resource: The intelligence of ALL our people.

We Keep Learning

During all these years, we have been able to build a totally new approach to training. These processes help us put into practice every piece of knowledge immediately. We get people to become proud of their accomplishments and discovery learning. 

This new approach has allowed for us to offer an unusual warrantee in all our jobs. The savings and extra revenue will pay for the project and will justify any new projects in the future. You will see your investment pay off again and again. Give us an opportunity to show what our consulting services can do for the economy and morale of your company. We will be happy to help bring it to the World Class level it deserves. Our customers recommending new customers are our greatest pride.

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