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  The Screening Committee of TPM Awards 
officially announces 
1999 TPM Award winners.

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 TPM 150 Plants Win Awards for TPM Excellence

The First Winner of Award for World-Class TPM Achievement
Volvo Cars Europe Industry!

A total of 150 plants received the 1999 awards of excellence, with 

1 World Class TPM Achievement for... Volvo Cars Europe Industry

5 plants - a record number - winning the "Special Award for TPM Achievement":

Mazda Motor Corporation Hofu Plant Nakanoseki area

NEC Oita, Ltd.

Pirelli Reifenwerke GmbH & CoKG. 
Pirelli Reifenwerkewerk Breuberg

Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Semiconductor Company 
Transistor Division

Sony Chemicals Corporation

26 winning the "Award for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment - First Category":

Comany Inc.

Daikyo Co., Ltd. Automotive Division

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Main Factory, 
Yajima Factory, Oizumi Factory

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. Saitama Plant

GKN Gelenkwellenwerk Mosel GmbH@

GKN Löbro GmbH Offenbach am Main(Germany), 
Plant Offenbach and Plant Waldhof

Gunze Limited Ayabe Factory Hosery Division

Hartog Union, Division of Unilever Belgium, 
Lipton Brussels Sourcing Unit

Hiroshima Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

Jidosha Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. Fukushima Plant

Kanayama Kayaba Mfg Co., Ltd.

Knorr Foods Co., Ltd.

Maruyasu Industries Co., Ltd. Okazaki Plant, Mito Plant

Mazda Motor Corporation Engine Production 
Dept. No2, Hiroshima Plant

Mitsubishi Materials Corporation Inc. Tsukuba Plant

Nippon Piston Ring Co., Ltd. Tochigi Plant

OSG Corporation Sinshiro Factory

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk Rungkut Factory

Ricoh Company, Ltd. Fukui Plant

Ryobi Mirasaka Co.

Sollac Atlantique Groupe Usinor, Desvres Plant

Suntory Ltd. Tonegawa Brewery

Taisho Phamaceutical Co., Ltd. Omiya Factory

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Onomichi Plant

Yamaha Motor Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Yasunaga Corporation Automotive Engine Parts Div. 

95 winning the "Award for TPM Excellence -
First Category":

Alexandria Carbon Black Co. S. A. E Alexandria, Egypt

Copene-Petroquímica do Nordeste S/A

Cosel Co., Ltd.

Daiden Co., Ltd. Head Office

Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. Kyushu Plant

Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. Nara Plant

Dow Corning Toray Silicone Co., Ltd. Fukui Plant

Du Pont-Toray Co., Ltd. Tokai Kevlar Plant

Eidai Co., Ltd. YamaguchiEHirao Division

Elida-Fabergé Compiègne Factory

Epson Precision Malaysia SDN. BHD.

GKN Gelenkwellenwerk Kiel

Higashine Shindengen Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Zosen Fukui Corporation Head office & Plant

Hokkaido Joint Oil Stockpiling Co., Ltd. Hokkaido Operation Office

I. S. Precision Machinery Inc.

Idemitsu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. Inc. Chiba Facilities

Imphy Ugine Précision Usinor Group Firminy Plant

Ishikawajima Mass-Produced Machinery Co., Ltd. Kiso Works

Itoki Crebio Corporation Mechatronics Equipment Division

Jidosha Denki Kogyo Co., Ltd. Niigata Plant

Kagoshima Matsushita Electronics Co., Ltd.

Kasei Optonix, Ltd.

Kiriu Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd. Parts and Components Division

Konica Supplies Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Kurimoto, Ltd. Sakai Factory

Kyushu Mitsui Alminium Co., Ltd.

Kyushu Nissei Denki Co., Ltd.

Lever Fabergé Germany Mannheim Site

Matsushita Electronic Instruments Corporation Semiconductor Division

Milliken & Company Alan B. Sibley Plant

Milliken & Company American Bag Corporation Stearns/Winfield Plants

Milliken & Company Gayley Dye & Finish Plant

Milliken & Company Gayley Knit Plant

Milliken & Company Gerrish Milliken Plant

Milliken & Company Kex II Plant

Milliken & Company Monarch Plant

Milliken & Company New Holland Plant

Milliken & Company Pendleton Finishing Plant

Milliken Woollen Specialty Products (WSP) Lodgemore Plant

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Matsuyama Plant

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation Odawara Plant

Mitsubishi Materials Silicon Corporation Yonezawa Plant

Mitsubishi Plastics Inc. Hiratsuka Plant

Mitsubishi Plastics Inc. Nagahama Plant

Motorola Inc. Sector Materials Organization

Naito Densei Kogyo Co., Ltd. First Electronics Parts Division

Naito Densei Kogyo Co., Ltd. Second Electronics Parts Division

Nas Toa Co., Ltd. Chigsaki Plant

Nas Toa Co., Ltd. Ohmi Plant

NEC Semiconductors Singapore Pte Ltd.

Nikko Materials Co., Ltd. GNF Plant

Nissan Casting Australia Pty Ltd

Nissei Industries Ltd.

Ogihara Corporation

OSRAM-MELCO Ltd. Kakegawa Factory

PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk. Wall's Ice Cream Cikarang Factory

Rhythm Corporation

Riken Light Metal Industry Company, Ltd. Head office and Factory

Sagit S. p. A. Caivano - Ice-cream factory

Sagit S. p. A. Cisterna Di Latina Plant

Sankyo Alminium Industry Co., Ltd. Fukuno Factory

Sankyo Alminium Industry Co., Ltd. Himi Factory

Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. Soft Energy Company Cadnica Division

Seiko Epson Corporation Optical Products Division

Seiko Epson Corporation Quartz Device Operations Div.

Seiko Epson Corporation Visual & Device 
Applied Instruments Operations Division

Semiconductor Campany Matsushita Electronics Corporation 
Discrete Device Division Nagaoka Factory

Semiconductor Company, 
Matsushita Electronics Corporation Uozu Factory

Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corp. Hsin-Fung Plant

Shikishima Baking Co., Ltd. Kobe Frozen Foods Plant

Shikishima Baking Co., Ltd. Osaka Showa Plant

Shikishima Baking Co., Ltd. Osaka Toyonaka Plant

Sollac Mouzon

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Misawa Works

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Oita Works

Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd. Osaka Works

Suntory Ltd. Domyoji Plant

Suntory Ltd. Osaka Plant

Suntory Ltd. Tamagawa Plant

Tanfac Industries Limited

Teijin Limited Gifu Factory

Thai Automotive Industry Co., Ltd

Tohokugunze Limited

Unilever Italy S. p. A-Lever Division, Lever Casalpusterlengo

Unilever No. 3 Sourcing Unit Port Sunlight

Unilever Thai Holdings Limited Minburi Factory

Union Deutsche Lebensmittelwerke GmbH Edelweiss Kaesewerke

Van Den Bergh Foods Limited Purfreet Margarine Factory

Van Den Bergh Netherlands Sourcing Unit Nassaukade

Yamagata Sanken Co., Ltd.

Yamasei Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Yamauchi Corp. Kanuma Plant

Yokohama Hydex Co. Nagano Plant

Yusoki Kogyo Co., Ltd.

One winning the "Award for Excellence in Consistent TPM Commitment - Second Category":

Mizuno Ceramics Co., Ltd.

22 winning the "Award for TPM Excellence - 
Second Category":

Asahi-Shuzo Sake Brewing Co., Ltd. Inc.

Dainippon Shigyo Co., Ltd. Obu Plant

Dainippon Shigyo Co., Ltd. Odaka Plant

Dowa Metal Co., Ltd.

Fuji Auto Mobile Parts Corporation

Hamai Industries Limited Otaki Factory

Kajiwara Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Kawai Seimitsu Kinzoku Co., Ltd. Matsumoto factory

Keihin Seimitsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. Tochigi Factory, Hokkaido Factory

Kyushu Denshi Co., Ltd. IC Division

Kyusyu Fujikiko Corporation

Kyusyu Inoac Co., Ltd. Ukiha Factory

Mizunami Seiki Co., Ltd.

Ogawa Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Ryobi Techno, Inc.

Sakura Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Seiko Epson Contactlens Corporation

Starting Industrial Co., Ltd. Takasaki Factory

Tamadai Corporation

Toyo Plastics Industries Corporation

Toyo Ryuutuu Sabisu

Urabe Co., Ltd. IC Division Yamaguchi Plant

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